Welcome to​ our latest product review post, where⁣ we’ll be ⁤sharing our experience with⁤ the Kraus FF-100SFS Purita 100% Lead-Free Kitchen Water Filter Faucet. This sleek and stylish faucet is designed to‌ provide pure, fresh filtered‌ water on demand, without the need for​ bulky external filters.⁤ With a ⁤beautiful spot-free stainless steel finish and a durable brass ‌construction, the⁣ Purita ​faucet is a⁤ great addition to any kitchen or bar area. Join us as⁤ we dive into the features and performance of this stand-alone beverage faucet, and find out if it’s worth ⁢the investment for your home!

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The Purita 100% Lead-Free Kitchen‍ Water Filter Faucet is a sleek and stylish addition to any kitchen or bar ⁤area.‍ Made from solid brass, this stand-alone beverage faucet ensures⁢ long-lasting leak-free performance. The slender gooseneck spout is perfect ⁣for filling glasses, pots, ‌and reusable water bottles, while ‍the high-arc design allows⁤ for easy⁢ access⁤ to the sink. With a 360° ‍rotation feature, this ⁤faucet ⁢provides complete sink⁢ access for⁢ added convenience.

Constructed with lead-free brass waterways, the Purita faucet keeps‌ filtered water free‍ from contaminants. The faucet is compatible ⁢with most under-counter water filtration systems, making it a versatile option for various filtering needs. Available in different finishes, ⁣including Spot Free Stainless Steel, this ‍faucet is not‌ only functional but ‌also⁤ a stylish ⁢choice to complement any ⁤kitchen decor. If you’re looking for a reliable and durable kitchen water filter faucet, the Purita is a top choice. Experience pure, fresh​ filtered ⁤water on ‍demand by clicking the link below to purchase yours today.

Click ⁤ here to purchase your Purita 100% Lead-Free Kitchen Water Filter Faucet and enjoy pure, fresh filtered water on demand ⁢in⁤ your kitchen today!

Impressive Features and Benefits

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The Kraus FF-100SFS Purita Kitchen Water‍ Filter Faucet offers an ‌array ⁢of . Not only does it provide pure, fresh filtered water⁣ on demand, but‍ it is also constructed⁣ from 100%⁣ lead-free brass for maximum durability and corrosion-resistance. The sleek contemporary design adds a stylish touch to any kitchen or bar area, making it ⁣a versatile addition to any home.

One of the standout features of the ⁤Purita faucet is its compatibility with a range⁣ of under-counter water ⁣filtration systems, including ‍Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline ​Ionizer, Activated Carbon, and UV Filters. The faucet’s high-arc ​spout rotates 360‍ degrees for complete sink access, making it easy to fill ​glasses, pots, and reusable water bottles. With a flawless rust-resistant ⁣finish available in various colors, the Purita faucet‍ combines style and ⁤functionality seamlessly. Upgrade your kitchen with the Kraus FF-100SFS Purita⁢ Kitchen Water Filter Faucet today for a convenient, reliable source of filtered water. Check ⁢it out here!

In-depth Analysis and Performance

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Upon extensive testing and⁣ analysis, we found⁢ the Kraus FF-100SFS Purita Kitchen⁢ Water Filter Faucet to exceed ​our expectations in terms of performance and quality. The‌ solid brass construction and‍ premium components ensure long-lasting, leak-free ⁣functionality, making it a reliable addition to any kitchen. The high-arc spout design allows for easy filling of ​glasses, pots, and water bottles, while ⁤the 360-degree ‍rotation⁣ provides complete access to the sink area.

The stand-alone beverage faucet provides⁤ pure, fresh filtered water on demand,⁤ thanks to ⁤its 100% ‍lead-free brass body and waterlines. The flawless rust-resistant ⁢finish not only adds to its durability but ⁤also​ prevents water spots ‍and fingerprints, maintaining its sleek appearance⁤ over time. ⁣Easy to ‌install with all mounting hardware included, this faucet is ADA-compliant, ensuring safe and convenient access to filtered ‌drinking water.Upgrade your kitchen with​ the Kraus Purita Kitchen Water Filter⁢ Faucet today and enjoy the benefits of pure,‍ fresh filtered water⁤ at your fingertips. Trust⁤ in its superior quality and stylish design to enhance your kitchen experience. Get yours now‍ on Amazon!

Final⁤ Thoughts and Recommendations

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In conclusion, ⁣we are highly impressed with the quality ‌and functionality of the Kraus‌ FF-100SFS Purita Kitchen Water Filter Faucet. The sleek‌ design, ⁢durable construction, and compatibility with various filtration systems make it a versatile and practical addition to any kitchen or bar area. The rotating spout and easy​ installation further⁣ add to the convenience and usability of this ​faucet.

We appreciate the attention to detail in the‍ craftsmanship of ⁤this product, from ⁢the solid brass construction to the premium ceramic ‌cartridge ensuring drip-free functionality. The variety of finishes available also allows for seamless integration with any kitchen⁤ decor. Overall, we confidently recommend the Kraus Purita Water Filter Faucet for those seeking a stylish, reliable, and lead-free solution for fresh ⁢filtered water on demand. Upgrade your kitchen experience today with this exceptional faucet. Check it out here!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Review
This faucet looks⁣ fine and performs excellently. It ​came with a very good glossy multi page installation guide that gave detailed installation instructions, drawings‌ and a parts list. It also came in an excellently designed box. This showed me the manufacturer took pride in its products. It also ‍came with a 3/8” quick ⁣connect fitting. The​ instructions were for a 3/8″ water line. This was a replacement for my old reverse osmosis faucet which used a ¼ ⁣inch water line and a compression fitting. When I removed my original water line from⁢ my old faucet,‍ I noticed it was‌ a compression fitting with a compressed plastic sleeve under the stainless attachment nut. ‍The old line compression‍ nut fit this new faucet. Even though this new faucet ⁢wasn’t concave on ⁢the ​end of the stem, I attached my old line​ anyway and using moderate‍ tightening, ⁢it holds water pressure with no leaks. The photo shows the original ¼ inch water line and the original compression fitting attached to the Kraus faucet stem. Kraus also has a good ‍web ‌site called kraususa for registering your product and troubleshooting. So far, I am quite pleased with this product. Note: This faucet has a lifetime warranty. ⁢I was not⁢ able to register my product for ⁤warranty ⁢coverage because part of the‌ registration ⁢required a batch ⁣number which was on the box it‍ came in. ⁢I threw the box away before I tried to register for⁣ the warranty. So​ register your product before ​you ⁢throw​ away ‌the box it came in.
Looks Great & Easy to Install. Had a GE unit ‍that I replaced about 15 months ago ⁣and⁣ had already started‌ leaking badly. Put this unit in⁢ to replace. Had to make 2 slight modifications 1) to the‌ existing ‌copper feeder piping. Had to use my pipe tool to cut ⁢off the plastic lining so that it would fit the 3/8” ⁢coupling ⁤that came with the Kraus. 2) ‍Turned the unit 180 degrees to‌ better⁢ cover the whole ⁤that had been already cut in my granite counter top. Also can use ⁣left hand to​ turn on off by pushing⁣ the lever and hold the glass⁤ or pot you are filling with your‍ right hand. (See the picture) Figured this ⁤out by accident, ⁢but works even better in this position for⁣ my⁣ family and our sink configuration. ⁤Working great⁤ so far after 3 weeks!
I replaced a leaking faucet with ​this Krauss stainless‍ steel faucet. It was an easy install job,⁢ the tough part is tightening ‍the base under the countertop, which was easy because of the ridgid brand faucet wrench tool that I had. I am ⁤confident that this high quality faucet will ‌not be leaking ‍for its lifetime, and it looks great! Goes⁤ well with my existing kitchen faucet.
High quality water faucet. We like having the ability to get drinking⁢ water separate from the​ main‌ faucet,​ particularly‍ when the main faucet has been running hot water and you don’t have to run a lot of water​ to get cold water. Installation was fairly straightforward and easy.
I ordered this ​faucet after i got a RO installed in my kitchen. Since all my faucets ⁤are champagne bronze from delta, i ‍first tried to purchase original delta series but when i checked ‍this faucet which looks apt as a RO ⁤filter faucet‌ and also comes for a much cheaper⁣ price i ordered this right away. The color matches exactly as‌ my delta faucet and looks great. I recommend this for anyone who has ‌same color faucets at their home.
Nice solid unit ‌with a great finish. I also like the added height over my ​previous unit. ​ However – ​I ⁢have 1/4″ tubing and think the manufacturer should ​have included a 1/4″ connector. The included connector for 3/8″ tubing is a bit out of the norm from ​my ⁣perspective. If you don’t already have a connect to the threaded⁤ pipe and 1/4″ water tubing to ⁤your RO,‍ be prepared to have to purchase the connector.
Works great, ⁢love the champagne bronze color from Kraus, kind of a middle between gold​ and nickel.
This fit ⁤perfectly into‍ our old soap dispenser hole. Now we have⁣ an R.O. Water filter system under our sink for clean water. ⁣The water faucet matches the sink‍ faucet. It swivels so I can put the dog bowl on the counter and turn it sideways to fill.
Very happy with purchase. Looks great and was easy to ​install.
Muy​ bonito y es justo la medida para los filtros de agua de México.
Muy bonito.
Good quality and nice design.
Excelente calidad del producto.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Sleek Design
2. Superior Quality Materials
3.⁢ Compatible with Various Filtration ‍Systems
4. High-Arc Spout for‌ Easy Filling
5. 360° Rotation⁣ for Complete Sink Access


1. Cold Water⁢ Only
2. Installation Requires Under-Counter Filtration System
3. Limited Finish Options


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Q: ​Can ​this faucet⁢ be used‍ for hot water as well?

A: The Kraus FF-100SFS Purita faucet is designed for⁣ cold water only. It is not recommended to​ use it for hot water.

Q: Is the ⁢installation process difficult?

A: Installing the Purita faucet is easy ⁣and straightforward.‌ It comes with‍ all⁤ the necessary ‌mounting⁢ hardware, and a single hole installation is required.

Q: ⁣Can this ‍faucet be connected to any water filtration system?

A: The Purita faucet is ⁤compatible ⁤with most under-counter reverse osmosis and simple filtration systems. However,​ please‌ note that these filtration ⁤systems are not included with the faucet.

Q: Does the⁣ finish of the faucet tarnish ⁤over time?

A: The Purita faucet is made with a flawless rust-resistant finish that will not fade or tarnish over time. It is available in Spot Free Antique Champagne Bronze and Spot Free Stainless Steel finishes ⁤to‌ prevent water spots and fingerprints.

Q: Is the water flow rate⁣ adjustable?

A: The water flow rate for the Purita faucet⁣ is fixed and‍ not adjustable. It is designed to⁢ provide‌ a steady‍ stream of filtered water for your convenience.

We hope these answers help address any questions ⁢you may ‌have about the Kraus FF-100SFS ‍Purita faucet. If you have‍ any other inquiries, feel free to reach out to us!

Transform Your World

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As we conclude ⁤our⁤ review ‌of the Kraus FF-100SFS Purita Kitchen Water Filter Faucet, we can confidently say that⁢ this elegant and high-end faucet is a must-have addition to any kitchen or bar area. With its‍ sleek design, durable construction, and​ superior functionality, the Purita is the perfect choice for those looking for ‍a ⁢stylish and practical solution for filtered water on demand.

Don’t ⁢miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen with the Purita faucet. ‌Click the ​link ⁣below to get your hands on this top-of-the-line product now:

Get⁤ the Kraus Purita Kitchen ​Water Filter Faucet⁣ now!

Thank you for reading our review and happy shopping!

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