Step into the world of timeless elegance with the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock. This radio⁣ watch, pendulum, analog piece boasts a ⁣Rokumeikan DX Time‌ Reporting feature that eliminates the need for manual time setting. ‍With a charming⁣ brown finish, this clock is not ‌only⁣ a functional ⁢timepiece but⁢ also a beautiful decorative piece for any space. The night second ‌hand stop function adds convenience,‌ while‍ the adjustable volume allows for a customizable experience. Join ⁢us as we dive into the features and functionality of ​this retro-inspired clock⁤ that is sure to make a statement in⁢ your⁤ home or office.

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Overview of ⁣the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock

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Looking for​ a ‌unique and stylish addition to your‍ home decor? Look no further than the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock! This radio pendulum ⁣watch ⁢not only tells time accurately​ without the need to ⁢set ‍it, but it also features a‍ convenient night second hand stop function⁣ thanks to its sensor technology. Say goodbye to annoying ticking sounds with the stepless volume adjustment feature, and enjoy the ⁣retro ‌design that adds⁣ a touch of nostalgia to any room. Whether you’re purchasing it‍ for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, this ​wall clock is sure to impress ⁤with​ its atomic clock functionality, waitminster chime, and bombon time features.

Crafted ⁢from durable resin‍ and ⁣glass,⁣ this wall clock has a substantial weight of approximately ‍4.7‍ lbs, giving it⁣ a sturdy ⁢and premium feel. The automatic alarm‌ stop function ensures a‍ peaceful night’s sleep ⁢by silencing the chimes between 10:00 pm and 5:00 am, while the night second hand stop ⁢function further enhances⁢ its ⁢convenience by activating between 0:2:00 am and 6:2 am. With a pendulum feature ‌and the ability‍ to adjust the volume to your liking, this⁢ wall clock combines functionality with timeless style. Treat yourself to the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock today and elevate your decor with a ⁤touch of elegance.

Highlighting the Unique Features of the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock

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The MAG W-640BR Wall Clock truly stands out with its unique features that set it apart from other traditional wall clocks. One of the ‍most impressive​ functions is​ the radio pendulum watch, which eliminates the hassle of manually setting the time.⁢ Additionally, the night second hand stop function, activated by a sensor, adds‌ a convenient touch to the clock’s functionality. It notifies​ the time by the number of sounds and chimes‌ simultaneously, making timekeeping a delightful experience.

Another standout ‍feature of this clock‌ is​ the stepless volume adjustment, allowing you to customize the chime volume‌ to⁢ your preference. The nostalgic⁤ retro ⁤design adds a charming touch to any room, making it a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. With⁤ functions like the waitminster‌ chime, automatic alarm stop function, ​and pendulum, this​ clock goes beyond simply ‍telling ‌time. The⁢ MAG W-640BR Wall Clock is ​truly a⁢ piece of art ⁣that combines both⁢ style and functionality seamlessly. Experience ⁢the magic of this unique ‌wall clock by getting yours today! Check it out on Amazon!

Insights and Recommendations for the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock

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When ​it comes to the MAG W-640BR​ Wall Clock, we were truly impressed by its unique features and functionalities. ‌The radio ​pendulum watch eliminates the hassle of setting the ‍time manually,⁢ which ‍is a huge‌ time-saver. We especially love the night‌ second hand‌ stop ⁣function that automatically activates by the sensor, ensuring a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep without the​ ticking sound. The retro​ design adds a touch of nostalgia to ⁢any room, making it a great gift option for⁢ friends and family. The stepless ‍volume adjustment allows you‍ to customize the chime​ volume to your preference, creating a personalized experience.

Weighing⁤ approximately 4.7 lbs, this resin and glass wall clock is sturdy ​and durable. The atomic clock function ‌ensures accurate ‌timekeeping, while the waitminster chime and bombon time feature adds⁢ a classic charm ⁣to the overall design. With ⁤an automatic‍ alarm stop function and ​a recommended‍ AAA alkaline battery, ‌this⁢ wall clock is convenient and easy to maintain. If you’re ⁣looking for⁤ a stylish and functional wall clock with​ advanced features, the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock is a fantastic ​choice that will surely enhance ⁤any ⁢space. Don’t miss ‌out on this amazing timepiece, grab yours ​now⁢ at Amazon.

Customer⁤ Reviews ⁣Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After‌ analyzing the customer reviews for the‌ MAG W-640BR Wall Clock, we have gathered some valuable insights:

Review Rating
Beautiful clock ‌but⁢ difficult to⁤ set without‌ Japanese instructions 3 stars
Great design, slightly​ high pitch ​sound 4⁤ stars
Chiming ​sound stopped after 2 weeks 2 stars
Classic look, matches Japanese decor 5‍ stars
Accurate timekeeping, elegant sound quality 5 stars
Convenient radio-controlled timekeeping,⁣ adjustable chime ‍volume 5 stars

Overall, customers appreciated the classic design and accurate timekeeping of the‍ MAG W-640BR Wall Clock. However, some users found it challenging to set the clock without Japanese instructions, ​and a few experienced issues ‌with the⁤ chime mechanism. The clock’s ability to match ⁤Japanese‍ decor and ​its elegant ⁣sound quality were highlighted as positive points by many‌ reviewers.

Pros ⁣& Cons

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  • Unique and retro ⁢design ⁣adds charm to ⁣any room
  • No need to ⁣set the time⁤ thanks to the radio pendulum watch
  • Night second hand stop function​ by sensor for peaceful ​sleep
  • Stepless volume‍ adjustment for customizable sound
  • Pendulum adds a classic touch to the clock
  • Automatic⁢ alarm⁢ stop function for convenience


  • Not suitable for ‌those looking for ⁣a modern or‍ minimalist design
  • May be too large for small spaces
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries ⁣which need to be replaced periodically
  • Limited functionality ⁢compared to digital​ clocks
  • Pendulum may require occasional adjustments for accurate ‌timekeeping


Overall, the MAG⁣ W-640BR Wall Clock is a charming and nostalgic addition⁣ to any room. While it may not have all ⁤the bells ⁤and⁤ whistles of ⁣a digital clock, its retro design and unique features make it a standout ⁣piece. If you’re looking for a clock that adds character ​to your space and eliminates the hassle ​of ‌setting the time, this clock ⁤is worth considering.


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Q: Can the⁢ volume of the chime be adjusted ‌on the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock?
A: ⁢Yes, the volume can be adjusted steplessly to your liking.

Q: Does the clock have a night second hand ‍stop function?
A: Yes, the clock has a night ⁤second hand stop function by the sensor from 0:2:00 am⁢ to 6:2 am.

Q: What kind of batteries does the clock require?
A: ⁤The clock requires​ AAA alkaline batteries x 4.

Q: Is the​ design ‌of the MAG W-640BR Wall⁢ Clock truly retro?
A: Yes, the clock has a nostalgic retro ⁢design that adds ‌charm to any room.

Q: ​Can the clock be used as ⁢a gift?
A: Absolutely,​ the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock⁤ makes a great gift or⁤ present ⁣for any ‍occasion.

Transform Your World

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As we‌ wrap up our review of the MAG W-640BR Wall Clock, Radio Watch,‌ Pendulum, Analog, ​Rokumeikan DX Time Reporting, Night ‌Second Hand Stop Function, Brown, we can’t help but‍ appreciate its ⁢retro charm ⁢and nostalgic design. With its unique features like the night second hand stop‌ function, waitminster chime, and stepless volume adjustment, this clock is not only functional but also a‌ stylish addition to any home.

If you’re looking to add ‍a touch‌ of vintage elegance to your space or searching for the perfect ​gift, the MAG W-640BR ​Wall Clock is definitely worth considering. ⁢Don’t miss out on the chance‌ to own this timeless piece!

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