Are you looking to give your tub and ‌shower ⁢faucet a fresh⁤ new look without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Danco 39621 Bath Tub and Shower 3-Handle Trim Kit for Sterling in Chrome. We recently had the opportunity to try out this⁣ rebuild kit, ⁤and we were impressed with​ the results. Not only⁣ does​ this kit‍ include all the parts you​ need ⁤to‍ restore your faucet to like-new condition, but it is also designed for easy installation with simple household tools. The durable plastic⁢ and stainless ⁤steel construction ensure that this trim kit will‌ stand the test of time. ⁣Plus, the sleek chrome finish will complement⁤ your existing fixtures perfectly. Say goodbye to a leaky faucet and hello to a​ revitalized‌ bathroom with⁤ the Danco 39621​ Trim Kit.

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When it comes to giving your tub and​ shower faucet a fresh new look without breaking the bank, the Danco Bath ​Tub and Shower 3-Handle Trim⁣ Kit for Sterling is⁢ a game-changer. This⁢ rebuild kit is an affordable solution to revitalizing your faucet and restoring it to like-new condition. With durable plastic and stainless steel construction, you can trust that this kit will deliver the strength and ​reliability you need for your bathtub and shower.

The chrome finish of this ⁣trim kit not only gives a clean and finished look to your tub and shower but also complements⁤ most existing bathroom fixtures seamlessly. The kit includes everything you​ need for a successful installation, including hot water handle, cold water handle, diverter handle, stems, seats, sleeves, and flanges. With simple installation that requires only basic household tools, this DIY project⁣ is a breeze. Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your bathroom – order your Danco Bath​ Tub and Shower⁤ 3-Handle Trim Kit for Sterling today!

Highlighting the Features

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When it comes to revitalizing your tub and shower faucet, the Danco ⁢3-Handle Trim Kit ‍for Sterling is‌ the perfect solution. This kit ‍is designed to give your⁢ faucet a like-new appearance‍ without breaking the ⁣bank.⁢ Made with durable ​plastic‌ and ⁤stainless steel construction,⁣ you can trust in the strength ‍and reliability⁢ of this kit. The chrome finish adds a clean and finished look to your tub ​and shower,⁤ seamlessly matching your existing bathroom fixtures.

Included in ⁢the kit are everything you need to restore your faucet, including a hot water⁤ handle, cold water handle, diverter handle, stems, ‍seats, sleeves, and flanges. The⁢ simple installation process can ‌be easily ⁣done with basic household tools, making it a perfect DIY⁤ project for any ‌homeowner. Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your bathroom – ⁢order the Danco 3-Handle Trim⁣ Kit for Sterling today and give your faucet a‍ fresh new⁤ look!

Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
Finish: Chrome
Includes: Hot water handle, Cold‌ water handle,⁤ Diverter handle,⁤ Stems, Seats, Sleeves, Flanges

Detailed Insights and‌ Recommendations

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Upon receiving the Danco Bath‍ Tub and Shower 3-Handle Trim Kit, we were pleasantly surprised by the top-notch quality of the‌ materials used. The ​durable⁤ plastic and stainless steel construction not only gives the kit ‌strength and⁤ reliability but also ensures longevity for your bathtub and​ shower​ fixtures. The chrome finish adds a touch of​ elegance and seamlessly blends with most existing bathroom fixtures, providing a polished look.

Installation of this trim kit is a breeze, thanks to the detailed ⁣instructions provided. With simple household tools, you can easily give your tub and shower​ faucet a much-needed makeover. The kit includes everything you need⁤ for a complete overhaul, from the hot and cold water handles to the diverter handle and stems. Say goodbye to leaky faucets and​ hello to ⁤a rejuvenated bathroom with the Danco Bath Tub ​and Shower 3-Handle ⁤Trim Kit. Don’t wait any longer, order yours today!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews⁢ Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for ⁢the Danco 39621 DANCO Bath Tub and Shower ​3-Handle Trim Kit for Sterling, ⁢we have gathered valuable insights to help you make an informed decision:

Positive Reviews:

Worked like ​a charm to ⁤replace ⁢our old faucet. The kit even ⁢includes the tools⁤ to remove ​the old‍ knobs and innards.
Great value, looks great, pretty easy install with‍ the correct tools!!!
Product delivered as advertised. Perfect.

Customers are ‍pleased ​with the ease of installation‌ and the ⁢overall look of the trim kit. The​ inclusion of tools and the value⁣ for money are highlighted as positive aspects.

Negative Reviews:

The‌ diverter is faulty and ⁢smaller than the original one.
I had to go back ⁣to the job multiple times due to the ⁤soft material used for washers and packing.
Could not remove the diverter stem from the ‍bathtub, had to call a plumber for assistance.

Some customers‌ experienced issues with the quality of⁤ certain components, such as the diverter, and faced difficulties during installation. It is important to consider ⁤these factors before purchasing the trim ‌kit.

In ⁣conclusion, the Danco⁣ 39621 DANCO Bath Tub and‍ Shower 3-Handle Trim Kit for Sterling has received mixed reviews from customers. While it offers ease of installation and a ‌visually appealing ‍design,‌ there are concerns about the quality of certain parts. We recommend assessing your specific needs and considering the compatibility with your existing fixtures before ⁢making a ‍purchase decision.

Pros & Cons

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Pros‌ & Cons

Pros Cons
1. Easy to install with household⁤ tools 1. Some users may find ⁣installation instructions confusing
2. Durable plastic and stainless steel⁣ construction 2. May ⁤not fit all Sterling ‍faucets
3. Chrome finish matches most existing bathroom fixtures 3. Does not include all necessary ​parts for every faucet model
4.‌ Affordable alternative to replacing entire faucet 4. Not compatible with all shower systems
5. Includes all necessary parts for repair 5. Some users reported leakage issues​ after ⁤installation

Overall, the ⁢Danco⁢ Bath Tub​ and Shower 3-Handle Trim‌ Kit for Sterling faucets is a cost-effective solution for revamping your bathroom. While it may have ‌some minor drawbacks, such as compatibility issues and potential leakage problems, it offers a⁣ quick and easy way ⁤to update the look ⁣of your shower without ⁤breaking the bank.


Q: Is the Danco ‌39621 DANCO ‍Bath Tub​ and Shower 3-Handle Trim Kit compatible with all⁢ Sterling faucets?

A: Yes, this rebuild‍ kit is designed to fit​ tub and shower faucets from Sterling. It includes all the ⁣necessary parts ⁤to restore your faucet to like-new condition.

Q: How difficult is the ‌installation process for this​ trim kit?

A: The installation⁣ process is‍ simple ‌and can be ‍done with basic household‍ tools. We even include⁣ a socket⁣ wrench ​to make ​installation even easier. It’s a great DIY project⁣ for anyone looking to revamp their⁤ bathroom.

Q: ⁣Does the chrome ⁣finish on ‌the trim kit match​ most existing bathroom fixtures?

A: Yes, the chrome finish on​ the Danco 3-Handle Trim Kit for Sterling faucets gives a clean and finished‌ look that will complement most existing fixtures in your bathroom.

Q: How durable is the construction of this trim kit?

A: ‍The⁣ rebuild kit is made from durable plastic and stainless steel, ensuring⁤ strength and reliability for⁤ your bathtub and shower fixtures. It’s ‍designed to last⁣ and withstand​ everyday use.

Transform ‌Your World

As we⁤ wrap up our review of the Danco⁣ Bath Tub and Shower 3-Handle‌ Trim Kit⁣ for Sterling, Chrome, we⁣ can confidently ⁢say⁣ that this product is a fantastic option for anyone looking ‌to ‍revamp their bathroom fixtures. With its durable construction and sleek chrome ⁢finish,‍ it not‍ only restores ⁣your⁢ faucet⁣ to like-new condition but also ⁤adds a touch of elegance to your space.

Don’t let a leaky faucet ruin‍ the⁤ look of your bathroom any longer – upgrade to the Danco Trim Kit today and see the difference for ​yourself. ⁣Say⁢ goodbye to dated fixtures ​and hello to a refreshed, modern aesthetic‌ in your bathroom.

Click here⁣ to purchase your Danco⁢ Trim Kit for Sterling faucets and start your bathroom ⁤remodel‍ today!

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