Looking for a quick and affordable fix for that leaky faucet in your bathroom? We’ve got just what you need! Recently, ⁢we had the opportunity to try⁣ out ⁤the ​Danco 15853E Stem for Price Pfister, Brass and we were ⁤pleasantly surprised by the results. This hot/cold stem is a ​great alternative to replacing your entire⁤ faucet and is ‌super easy to install. Say goodbye to wasted water and energy with this durable brass construction that will have your faucet looking and functioning like new in no time. Keep reading to find out more about our experience with this game-changing product!

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Looking to repair a leaky faucet without breaking the bank?⁢ Look no further than ​the Danco 15853E⁤ Stem for Price Pfister⁣ faucets. This brass stem is​ a cost-effective solution that can help you avoid the hassle ‌and ‌expense of replacing⁢ your entire faucet. By simply replacing the stem and ⁤seat, you can put an end to that annoying drip and get your faucet working like‌ new again.

Constructed from durable brass, this ‌stem is built to last and is ⁤compatible with Price Pfister bathroom sink faucets. It ​works for both hot and cold water, and includes a faucet ‌seat for added convenience. Plus, it complies with the reduction of low⁣ lead in drinking water ‌act, so ⁤you can rest easy knowing you’re ⁢making a safe and environmentally-friendly choice. Don’t let a leaky faucet waste water and ‌energy – upgrade to the Danco stem ⁤today!

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Key Features

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Our ​Danco 15853E Stem for ‍Price Pfister faucets is ⁤a top-notch⁣ choice for repairing your leaky faucet. Crafted from durable brass construction, this hot/cold stem is designed to ⁢last and provide a‌ long-lasting solution for your dripping faucet.⁣ By replacing just the⁢ stem instead of⁣ the entire faucet, you not only⁢ save money but also prevent water and energy wastage.

With⁢ an ID length of 1 and broach​ H design, ‌this stem is compatible with Price ⁢Pfister⁤ bathroom sink faucets OEM# 910A⁣ for both hot and⁤ cold⁣ water. The⁤ package ⁣includes a faucet seat ⁤for added⁤ convenience. Plus, it ⁢complies with the reduction of ⁤low ⁣lead⁢ in drinking water act, ensuring ‍your water remains safe and clean. Say goodbye‌ to⁣ your faucet troubles and ‍give your sink a new lease on life with our Danco stem!

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In-depth ⁣Analysis and Recommendations

After carefully ‍evaluating the Danco 15853E Stem for ⁢Price Pfister, Brass, we found⁣ that this product ​is a cost-effective solution for repairing leaky faucets. Instead of replacing the entire faucet, simply⁤ replacing ​the stem can save you time and money. This stem is made of durable brass construction, ensuring long-lasting quality and reliability.

Additionally, the Danco 15853E Stem is versatile and ⁤suitable ⁢for use with‌ both ​hot and cold ⁤water faucets. The included faucet seat and compliance with ​low lead regulations make this product a safe and practical choice ⁤for your ⁢bathroom sink. Stop wasting⁢ water‍ and energy with⁢ a leaky faucet by installing the Danco 15853E Stem for Price Pfister today!

Customer ⁢Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews ‌Analysis

After​ analyzing customer ‌reviews for the Danco 15853E Stem for Price ⁤Pfister, Brass,⁢ we found a mix‍ of ⁢positive and negative feedback. Here are the key‌ takeaways:

Review Rating
Hard to find, but worked perfectly. Bought ⁣two of these to replace some 30 year ​old stems that had fallen apart. These were drop in tighten up and​ no problem.⁤ If this product ​fits,‍ it’ll likely fix what ails you. Positive
Hard to find for our marble sinks but works just like it should. Positive
Not good Negative
Exactly what I needed Positive
DOES ⁣NOT include and is not shipped with the valve seat as indicated in the product description. Negative

Overall, it ‌seems that the Danco 15853E Stem has been successful ⁤in helping customers replace old⁣ or damaged stems ‌in their faucets, but there have been some issues with incorrect product information ⁣and missing parts.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Economical: Replacing a faucet stem is a cost-effective solution⁢ compared to replacing the entire faucet.
2. Water & Energy Savings: Fixing a leaky faucet helps save water and energy.
3. Easy Installation:​ The Danco 10H-1H/C Stem is easy to install, making it a convenient ‌DIY project.
4. Durable Construction:⁢ Made of brass, this stem is sturdy and long-lasting.
5. Versatile: Suitable for both hot and cold water, making it a versatile option for various faucets.


1. Compatibility: ​ Only compatible with⁤ Price Pfister bathroom sink faucets with ID length 1 and broach H.
2. Limited Use: This stem is designed specifically for hot/cold water faucets, so it may not work for other types.
3. ‌Plumbing Knowledge Required: Installation may require some basic plumbing skills, which could be ​challenging for beginners.


Q: Is this stem compatible with all Price Pfister faucets?
A: The ⁣Danco 10H-1H/C Stem is specifically designed for use⁤ with Price Pfister bathroom sink faucets OEM# 910A. Make sure to check ‍your faucet model ‍before purchasing to ⁤ensure compatibility.

Q: How⁢ do I know if I need to replace my⁢ faucet stem?
A: If your faucet is leaking or⁢ dripping, it’s a clear sign that the stem may need replacing. This is a common issue that can be fixed quickly and easily with a new stem and seat.

Q: Is installation difficult?
A: The ​installation process for the ​Danco 10H-1H/C Stem is straightforward and does not require any special tools. Simply follow the instructions provided with the ⁢product, and you’ll have your faucet back in working order in no time.

Q: How long can I expect this stem to last?
A: With ⁤its durable brass construction, this⁣ stem is built to last⁤ and should provide ⁤you with years of reliable use. Just make sure to follow⁢ proper maintenance and care guidelines to ⁣maximize its lifespan.

Q: Does this stem comply with regulations for low lead in drinking water?
A: Yes, the ‍Danco⁤ 10H-1H/C Stem ​complies ‍with the reduction of low lead in drinking water act, ⁤so you can have peace of mind knowing that your water is safe and clean.

Transform‍ Your World

As we wrap‌ up our review of the Danco 10H-1H/C Stem for Price Pfister Faucets, we can confidently say that this product is a game-changer for anyone dealing with​ a leaky faucet. With​ its durable brass construction and easy installation process,⁣ it’s a cost-effective solution that will bring​ your faucet back to its former glory.

Don’t let a dripping faucet waste ​your water and energy any​ longer.⁣ Give⁤ your faucet the repair it deserves ⁢with the Danco 10H-1H/C⁣ Stem. Say goodbye to annoying drips and hello​ to a like-new faucet in no time.

Ready to revive your faucet?⁣ Click the ⁢link ​below to get your hands on the⁤ Danco⁢ 10H-1H/C Stem for Price Pfister Faucets now:

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Happy ‌fixing!

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