Looking for a pair of athletic shorts that‍ are‌ not ⁢only stylish but also practical? Look no further, because we have found the perfect solution for you! The CADMUS High Waist Athletic Shorts for Womens Yoga Fitness Running Shorts with‍ Deep Pockets are a game-changer when it comes⁢ to workout ⁣wear. From amazing comfort and‍ flexibility to the convenience⁤ of ‍deep pockets,⁣ these shorts have it all. Join us ⁣as we dive into⁣ our experience with⁢ these ‌incredible shorts and⁣ find out‍ why they have become our new go-to ‍for ‌all our ​fitness activities.

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Unveiling the Ultimate High Waist Athletic Shorts: Our Review of CADMUS Women’s Yoga Shorts with Deep Pockets插图

We recently tried out ⁤these high​ waist athletic shorts and ⁢were thoroughly ⁢impressed by their performance​ and design. The shorts are perfect for various activities such as yoga, fitness, and running, thanks to their​ comfortable fit and flexibility. The deep pockets ⁣are a⁣ game-changer, allowing us to carry our ​essentials without worrying about them falling out during our workouts.

The moisture-wicking fabric kept us dry and cool ⁢throughout our workout, ‍making ⁣these shorts a ​staple in ⁣our activewear collection. The high waist design provided excellent⁤ support and a flattering silhouette, boosting our confidence during our exercise routines. Overall, these athletic shorts exceeded our expectations ⁢and we highly recommend them for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish workout option.

1. ⁣Deep pockets
2. Moisture-wicking fabric
3. High waist design for support

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Key Features

Unveiling the Ultimate High Waist Athletic Shorts: Our Review of CADMUS Women’s Yoga Shorts with Deep Pockets插图1

Our high waist athletic shorts are designed with both style‍ and functionality in ⁣mind.‌ Featuring a flattering high waistband that offers ⁢tummy control and helps⁣ to shape your silhouette, these shorts are ⁤perfect ⁤for ⁣all types of activities. The deep pockets⁣ are ​a​ game changer, allowing you to easily store your phone, keys, or other essentials while on the go. Plus, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable​ during even the toughest‍ workouts.

With a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from, you’re ⁣sure to find the perfect pair of shorts to suit your unique style. The four-way stretch material provides maximum flexibility and freedom of⁢ movement, ‍making these shorts ideal for yoga, fitness, running, or simply lounging around. And with the added bonus ‌of a hidden pocket in ⁣the waistband, you can keep your valuables safe and ​secure ⁣wherever you go.

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Detailed Insights

Unveiling the Ultimate High Waist Athletic Shorts: Our Review of CADMUS Women’s Yoga Shorts with Deep Pockets插图2

After trying out these athletic shorts, we were extremely impressed with the⁢ quality and‍ functionality they offered. The high waist design provided great support ‍and ‍coverage during our yoga sessions, while ‍the deep ⁣pockets ‍were perfect for storing our essentials like keys or phone while running. The fabric was⁢ comfortable and breathable, allowing ‌us to​ move freely without feeling restricted.

We ⁣also loved the‌ stylish ‌design of these shorts, which made us feel confident and motivated during our workouts. The attention⁤ to detail in the stitching ⁣and ⁢construction of the shorts was ‌evident, ensuring durability and⁣ long-lasting ⁣wear. Overall, we highly ‍recommend these shorts for‍ any fitness enthusiast looking for a comfortable and⁢ functional ⁣option for their workouts.

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Unveiling the Ultimate High Waist Athletic Shorts: Our Review of CADMUS Women’s Yoga Shorts with Deep Pockets插图3

After trying ⁤out the CADMUS High ​Waist Athletic Shorts ‌for Womens Yoga Fitness Running​ Shorts with Deep ⁢Pockets, we were pleasantly surprised by‍ the quality and functionality of these shorts. The high waist design is not only flattering,‍ but also very comfortable during workouts.​ The deep pockets are⁤ a game-changer, ⁢allowing us to conveniently ⁤store our phone, keys, and other‍ essentials without worrying about‍ them falling out.​ The fabric is⁣ stretchy and breathable, making it perfect for intense workouts or yoga sessions.

We highly recommend these athletic shorts for women who are looking ⁤for a ‌comfortable and stylish option for their fitness routines. ‌The sizing was accurate and‌ the shorts stayed in place during our workouts, providing both support and flexibility. Plus, the range of colors available allows you to mix and match with your workout wardrobe. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your activewear with these versatile shorts!

Pros Cons
High waist ‌design No drawstring for tightening
Deep pockets May run slightly small
Stretchy and breathable fabric

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Unveiling the Ultimate High Waist Athletic Shorts: Our Review of CADMUS Women’s Yoga Shorts with Deep Pockets插图4

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the reviews from⁤ customers who⁤ have tried⁤ the CADMUS High Waist Athletic Shorts, we found a‌ variety of opinions and experiences. Here’s a summary of what customers had ‍to ‍say:

Positive Feedback:

• Comfortable and flattering
• Washes well ⁣and hang dries
• Comes with deep pockets
• Great for‍ sports activities
• Fits true to size and ‌comes in various colors
• Great for wearing under⁣ costumes and dresses
• Soft and stretchy material

Negative Feedback:

• ⁢Some customers experienced rolling of ⁤the waistband
• Not‍ squat proof for some users

Overall, the CADMUS High Waist Athletic Shorts seem ⁢to be ⁤a popular ‍choice among customers, especially​ for those ‍engaging in various physical⁤ activities.​ The deep pockets, comfortable fit, and wide range of colors make ⁢them​ a versatile option ⁣for both casual and athletic wear.

Pros & Cons

Unveiling the Ultimate High Waist Athletic Shorts: Our Review of CADMUS Women’s Yoga Shorts with Deep Pockets插图5

Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable high waist design provides excellent support during⁢ workouts
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and‍ comfortable
  • Deep pockets are ⁤incredibly convenient for holding phone, keys, or⁢ other essentials
  • Available in a ⁤variety of vibrant ‌colors to suit ⁣your style
  • Perfect for yoga, fitness, running, or⁣ any other physical activity


  • Sizing may run a bit ‌small, so consider sizing up
  • Some users find the fabric ‍to be a bit thin
  • Not ideal for high-impact activities like intense running or‌ HIIT workouts
  • May not provide enough⁣ compression for some users


Unveiling the Ultimate High Waist Athletic Shorts: Our Review of CADMUS Women’s Yoga Shorts with Deep Pockets插图6
Q: Are the CADMUS High Waist‌ Athletic Shorts true to size?
A: Yes, the‍ CADMUS High Waist Athletic Shorts run true to size. We recommend checking the size ⁢chart provided by the manufacturer​ to ensure⁤ you get‍ the perfect fit.

Q: ⁤Do the CADMUS High Waist Athletic Shorts have a comfortable fit?
A:⁤ Absolutely!‌ The high waist design of the CADMUS Athletic Shorts ‌provides ‌a supportive and ‍flattering fit that‌ is perfect for all types of workouts. ‍Plus, the breathable fabric ensures maximum comfort during ‍your activities.

Q: Are ⁣the pockets on the ⁣CADMUS⁤ High⁣ Waist Athletic Shorts deep enough to hold a phone?
A: Yes, the deep pockets on the CADMUS ⁣Athletic ⁤Shorts are large enough ‍to securely hold your phone, keys, or any other small ‌essentials while ⁣you’re on the ‌move.

Q: How does the material of the CADMUS⁣ High Waist‌ Athletic Shorts ‌hold up to intense workouts?
A: ⁤The material of ​the CADMUS ‌High Waist Athletic Shorts is durable and sweat-wicking, making it ideal for intense ⁤workouts. You can trust that these shorts will keep you comfortable and‌ dry no matter how ‍hard you push ‍yourself.

Q: Can the CADMUS High Waist Athletic Shorts be ​worn for activities other than ⁣yoga and running?
A:​ Definitely! The versatile design of⁢ the CADMUS Athletic Shorts makes them perfect⁢ for a variety of activities, ‍including ‍fitness classes, weight training, hiking, or even ⁢just lounging around the house.⁤ You’ll love how stylish and functional⁢ these shorts are for any occasion.

Discover the Power

As we come to the end⁣ of our‍ review of⁢ the CADMUS High Waist Athletic Shorts for Women, we can confidently ⁤say that these shorts are a​ game-changer for any fitness enthusiast. From the high waist design to the deep pockets, every feature has been⁤ carefully crafted to ​enhance your workout experience.

If you’re looking for ⁤the ultimate combination of‍ style, comfort,⁤ and functionality in your activewear, look no further than these CADMUS Women’s Yoga‌ Shorts. Don’t miss out on ⁤the opportunity⁣ to elevate ⁣your fitness routine with these incredible shorts.

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