Welcome to our review of the [YEON GO FARM] ‌100% Korean Roasted ​Goji Berry Tea! With its rich flavor and ⁤natural goodness, this tea has‍ quickly become a favorite in our household.

This Korean product ⁤is not only 100% ‍Korean, but it ⁣is also free of artificial sweeteners and synthetic additives,⁣ making it ‍a reliable and wholesome ⁤choice for tea lovers. The handmade roasting⁣ process ensures that each batch is carefully crafted to perfection, enhancing ‍the original taste ‌of the goji berries.

One of our favorite things about this ‌tea is its ‍versatility. Whether you prefer to brew it in hot water for a comforting ‌cup⁢ of tea,‌ or add it to your favorite recipes for a ⁤flavorful ​twist, this tea can be enjoyed in multiple ways. The convenient zipper bag packaging makes it easy to store and keep ⁤fresh for longer.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into⁤ the taste, aroma, and overall ‌experience of [YEON GO FARM] ‌ Roasted Goji Berry Tea. We can’t wait to share our thoughts with you!

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When it comes​ to enjoying⁤ a delicious and authentic Korean tea experience,⁢ look no further than‌ this 100% Korean Roasted Goji Berry Tea. Handmade with care‌ and using a special dry and‍ roasting method, each sip is filled with the rich flavors of ‍South Korea. Plus, with no artificial ⁢sweeteners or synthetic additives, you can enjoy it⁤ guilt-free.

Whether you prefer to steep it in hot water for a soothing drink, boil it for a more intense flavor, or ⁢even chew on the whole berries, this tea offers versatility in how you enjoy⁤ it. With a convenient zipper bag packaging, you can easily take it on the go and savor⁤ its delicious taste no matter ⁣where you are. Upgrade your⁤ tea game with this Korean delight!

Package Dimensions 9.72 x ‌7.36 x 1.81 inches
Weight 9.38 ounces
Country ‍of Origin Korea, ⁢Republic of

Experience ⁢the taste of Korea ​now!

Delightful Flavor Profile and Aroma

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Upon trying ⁢the Roasted Goji Berry Tea from YEON GO FARM, we were instantly drawn to its⁤ . The special dry and roasting method used by ‘YEON GO FARM‘ truly enhances the original taste of the Korean goji berries, making each sip a truly enjoyable experience. The handcrafted roasting process ensures that every⁣ cup is filled with rich, warm flavors ⁢that are both comforting and indulgent.

Whether you choose to enjoy this tea hot​ or cold, the Roasted Goji Berry Tea brews a maximum of 1 liter, allowing you to savor it throughout the day. The natural sweetness of the goji berries shines through without‌ any artificial sweeteners ‌or synthetic additives, making it a guilt-free treat. With the convenience of a tea bag, you can easily take this delicious tea on the go, whether ​you’re relaxing at home or on a refreshing outdoor adventure. Don’t miss out on this flavorful and aromatic experience – try it ‌for yourself!

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Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

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When it comes to , this Roasted Goji Berry Tea from⁤ YEON GO FARM truly stands out. Packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients, this tea⁢ offers a wide range of benefits for your overall well-being. ⁢Rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, goji⁤ berries are‍ known to support immune function, promote healthy skin, and even aid in ⁣weight loss. By incorporating this tea into your daily routine, you can boost your energy levels and enhance your digestion, all while enjoying‍ a delicious and satisfying beverage.

Thanks to YEON GO FARM’s special dry and roasting method, this Roasted Goji‍ Berry Tea boasts a unique and exquisite taste that can‌ be enjoyed hot or cold. Whether you prefer to brew a steaming cup ‌of tea or infuse it into your favorite recipes, this versatile tea is sure to delight your taste buds. Plus, with convenient packaging and easy-to-follow instructions, you can indulge in the ‍benefits of goji berries wherever you go. Elevate your wellness journey with a sip of this 100% Korean tea and experience the ⁤goodness of nature in every cup. ⁢Try it now and feel the difference!‌ Check it out ‌here.

Our ​Recommendation

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In​ our opinion, the [YEON GO FARM] Roasted Goji Berry Tea is a must-try for anyone looking to add a touch of Korean goodness to their⁤ daily routine. This 100% Korean⁤ product is not only reliable but also completely free of artificial sweeteners and synthetic additives, making ‍it⁣ a healthy choice for tea lovers.​ The special ​dry and‍ roasting method used by ‘YEON GO FARM’‌ enhances the original taste of the goji berries, giving you ⁣a delicious and aromatic brew⁢ every time.

Whether you prefer to steep it in hot water for a quick cup or boil it to make a large batch, this ‍goji berry tea is versatile and easy ⁤to enjoy. With‍ the ‌option to chew the whole berry​ or use a T-bag for​ convenience, you can‍ savor the benefits of this Korean delicacy wherever you go. Upgrade your tea experience with the [YEON GO FARM] Roasted Goji⁣ Berry Tea today and discover the joy of drinking deliciously! If​ you’re ready to try this amazing product, click here to purchase it on Amazon: Buy Now!.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer⁣ Reviews⁢ Analysis

After reviewing the customer feedback for Yeon Go Farm’s Roasted ‌Goji Berry Tea, we can see that​ overall, customers ​have positive things⁢ to ⁤say about⁣ this product.

Review Rating
This is a ‍great tasting goji berry tea! I was looking for a‌ clean and reliable quality⁣ goji berry tea and came across with this product from Korea. ⁤ This bulk‍ tea price is much better than the individual tea bags. I ‌started drinking this tea for liver health, however, this tea tastes so‌ good that I am ⁢drinking this throughout⁤ the day. Great find! 5 stars
burn all they ​can’t eatColor is blackSmall is burn 2 stars

One customer highlights the great taste of the tea and appreciates the quality and cost-effectiveness​ of purchasing in bulk rather than individual tea bags. They also enjoy drinking it throughout the day, not ‍just for its potential health benefits, but also for its flavor.

On the other hand, there ​is another review that mentions some confusion. It appears to be a mix‌ of statements that are not very clear. It might indicate some issues the⁣ customer had with the product, ​but it ​is not entirely clear due to the fragmented nature of the review.

Overall, it⁢ seems like Yeon Go Farm’s Roasted Goji Berry Tea is well-received by customers for its taste ‍and quality. We recommend trying it ‍for yourself to experience a⁢ taste of Korea in a cup!

Pros & Cons


Korean product with reliable quality
Artificial ⁤sweeteners​ and synthetic additives ‌free
Handmade roasting for optimum taste
Special dry and roasting method enhances original taste
Convenient to brew and enjoy, brews up to 1 liter
Can be enjoyed in ​multiple‍ ways – as tea or in food


  • May be too ⁣strong in flavor for some individuals
  • Not ​suitable for those with allergies to goji berries
  • Instructions for brewing may be‍ confusing ⁤for beginners
  • Zipper bag packaging may not be as sustainable as other options

Overall, ‌Yeon Go Farm‌ Roasted Goji Berry Tea offers a taste of Korea in ​a convenient and flavorful package. While it may not be suitable for everyone, its unique flavor and health benefits make it a worthwhile addition to any tea collection.


Q: Where can I buy Yeon Go Farm Roasted Goji Berry Tea?
A: You can purchase Yeon Go ⁢Farm Roasted Goji Berry Tea on our website or on various online retailers.

Q: Is this tea sweetened with artificial sweeteners?
A:‍ No, this tea ‍is free from artificial sweeteners and synthetic additives, providing‌ a pure and natural taste.

Q: How should I prepare this tea ⁤for the best ⁤flavor?
A: To enjoy the full flavor of‍ Yeon Go⁢ Farm Roasted​ Goji Berry ⁤Tea,​ put 2-3 grams of tea in a glass and wait in⁤ hot water for 2 minutes before drinking. You can also boil 10 to 20g in 1.5 liters of water for 20-30 minutes for a stronger brew.

Q: Can I eat the whole Goji Berry included in the tea?
A: Yes, you can chew the whole Goji Berry included in⁤ the tea for added health benefits and a unique snacking experience.

Q: ⁣Is this tea suitable for those following⁤ a‌ Korean​ diet?
A:​ Yes, Yeon ⁢Go Farm Roasted Goji Berry Tea is‍ 100% Korean-made, using carefully selected ⁣raw materials and handmade roasting methods, making it an authentic choice for those ‌following a Korean diet.

Q: How is the packaging of the tea?
A: The tea comes in a⁢ convenient zipper bag with a package dimension of 9.72 x 7.36 x 1.81 inches, making it easy to store and carry with you on-the-go.

Ignite Your Passion

As we come to the end of our Yeon Go Farm ⁣Roasted Goji Berry Tea review, ⁢we ⁣hope you’ve been inspired ‌to give ​this delightful ‌Korean tea a try. With its special ⁤dry and roasting method, you can ‌truly ​taste the essence of Korea in every sip.

Experience the joy of drinking deliciously ‌with ⁤Yeon⁤ Go Farm Roasted Goji Berry Tea. ⁤Whether you enjoy it hot or cold, this tea is sure to brighten your day‌ with its natural sweetness and rich flavor.

If you’re ready to ‌elevate your tea-drinking experience, click the⁣ link below to get your own Yeon Go Farm Roasted⁢ Goji ‍Berry Tea now:
Get your Yeon Go Farm ⁣Roasted Goji Berry Tea here!

Thank you for joining⁢ us on this tea‍ adventure. Cheers to savoring the taste of Korea in every cup!

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