Welcome to our review of 暨南大学中文教材第4册(新版, 1套, 含课本及A, B练习本), Jinan University’s Zhongwen ​(Chinese) Vol. 4 (New Version,‍ 1 set incl. textbook and exercise A​ & B)! As language enthusiasts, we were excited to dive ⁢into this latest edition of Jinan ⁣University’s Chinese⁤ textbook series. Packed​ with 370 pages of content, this staple-bound‌ set offers a comprehensive approach‍ to learning Mandarin.

With a publication date ‌of January 1, 2020, this textbook is up-to-date‍ and relevant for⁣ students looking to enhance their language ⁤skills. The inclusion of exercise books A ⁣& B‍ provides‍ ample opportunities⁣ for practice and reinforcement of the material covered in the ‌main textbook.

Join us as we explore the ⁣content, layout, and overall effectiveness of this language learning tool. Let’s find out if ⁤暨南大学中文教材第4册(新版, 1套, 含课本及A, ⁢B练习本)⁢ lives up to its‌ reputation as a valuable resource for Chinese language learners.

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When ‍we got our hands on Jinan University’s Zhongwen⁢ Vol. 4, we were excited to dive into the new version of this highly acclaimed ‍Chinese ⁢textbook. The bundle includes a comprehensive textbook as well as A and B exercise books, providing a well-rounded learning⁢ experience for students.

<p>The staple-bound set boasts a total of 370 pages, offering a wealth of content to enhance your Chinese language skills. The ISBN-10 is 7566825291, and the item weight is a mere 11.2 ounces, making it easy to carry around for study sessions on the go. With its release date on January 1, 2020, this updated edition is sure to impress both new learners and experienced speakers looking to refine their skills.</p>

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Exploring the Contents of Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. 4

Upon delving into the contents of Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. 4, we found a treasure trove of valuable resources ⁤for learning ⁣Chinese. The textbook, exercise A, and exercise B books included in this set are well-organized and packed with insightful lessons that cater to both beginners and intermediate learners. The ⁣staple-bound format of the textbooks makes it easy to flip through the 370 pages of content,‌ allowing for a seamless learning experience.

We were impressed by the attention to detail in this new version⁣ of the textbook set. The Simplified Chinese language used throughout the books is clear and easy to follow, making it accessible for students of all⁢ levels. The ⁤ISBN numbers (ISBN-10: 7566825291, ISBN-13: 978-7566825292) provided for each book ensure that you are getting ⁤a legitimate and⁢ authentic product. With an item weight of 11.2 ounces,⁢ this​ set is lightweight and portable, perfect for studying on the go. If you’re looking to enhance ‍your Chinese language skills,⁤ we highly recommend exploring the rich contents of Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. 4.

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Key Features:

Our Jinan University’s Zhongwen (Chinese) Vol. 4 set offers a comprehensive learning experience with its updated content. The ⁣textbook and exercise books feature:

  • Staple bound‍ for durability
  • 370 pages of engaging material
  • ISBN-10: ⁣7566825291 / ISBN-13: ⁣978-7566825292

The new⁣ edition, published on‌ January 1, 2020, focuses‍ on Simplified Chinese ​language​ learning. It is designed to facilitate an interactive and immersive learning environment⁤ for students. With an item weight of 11.2 ounces, this set is lightweight ⁣and easy to carry, making it ideal for both classroom and self-study use. Don’t miss out on enhancing your Chinese language‍ skills with Jinan University’s Zhongwen (Chinese) Vol. ⁣4. ‌ Get your copy now!

Diving Into⁣ the Interactive Exercises of the⁤ Textbook Set

When we dove into ‍the interactive exercises of Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol.​ 4, we were ⁤pleasantly surprised by the level of engagement and depth they provided. The exercises‍ in both the A ‌and B workbooks were thoughtfully⁣ designed to reinforce the concepts and vocabulary introduced in the textbook, making it easier for us to grasp and retain the material. ⁣The variety of exercises, including fill-in-the-blank, matching, and⁢ writing prompts, kept us on our toes and challenged​ us to apply our knowledge in different ways.

Moreover, the exercises ⁤were not only educational but also‍ enjoyable. We appreciated how the exercises were structured in a way that encouraged us ​to actively participate in our ⁣learning process. This hands-on approach⁤ helped us to stay focused and motivated throughout⁢ our study sessions. Overall, we found ​that diving into the interactive exercises of Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. 4 was a ⁣rewarding experience that enhanced our understanding of the material and enriched our learning journey. So, if you’re looking to elevate your Chinese learning experience, click here to get your hands on this​ textbook set today!

Insights and Recommendations:

After diving into Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. 4, we have gathered some insightful thoughts and recommendations to share with you:

  • The textbook layout is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate through the lessons.
  • The exercises in both A and B‍ workbooks are challenging yet manageable,‌ providing⁤ ample opportunity for practice and reinforcement of the ⁢material.

Additionally, we suggest that the ‌publisher consider⁣ including more interactive elements or multimedia resources to enhance the learning experience. This could further engage students and cater to⁣ different learning styles. Ultimately, this set offers a comprehensive approach to learning Chinese and is⁣ a valuable resource for language learners at various proficiency ​levels.

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Maximizing the Learning Potential with Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. ‍4

Exploring the vast depths of⁢ Mandarin Chinese ⁤has⁢ never ⁢been more engaging than with Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. 4.⁤ This comprehensive set includes a​ textbook and two exercise books, offering a holistic approach to language learning. From ⁣grammar to vocabulary, each component is designed to enhance our understanding and mastery of Simplified Chinese.

With⁤ 370 pages of rich content, this set is a ⁤treasure trove of knowledge waiting to ⁣be unlocked. ‌The staple bound format provides durability for‌ long-lasting use, making it a reliable companion on our language learning journey. The ISBN numbers ensure easy access to additional resources, further maximizing our learning potential. Are you ready to take your Mandarin skills to the​ next level?

Publisher Jinan University
Language Simplified Chinese

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After​ analyzing customer feedback on Jinan University’s Zhongwen ⁢Vol. 4,⁤ we found that most customers are satisfied with the ​new version of this ⁢Chinese language learning set. Here are the key⁤ points highlighted by our ⁣customers:

  1. Emphasis on Reading: Customers appreciate that the textbook places more emphasis on ⁣reading rather⁢ than just learning Chinese⁢ characters. The addition⁣ of an extra reading piece at⁤ the⁢ end of the book⁢ is a welcome feature.
  2. Pinyin Support: The inclusion of Pinyin on top of the text helps kids understand the content of the book, especially when the​ readings ‍are more advanced.
  3. Comprehensive Practice Books: The A and B exercise books provide ample practice ‍on characters, words, and sentences, which customers find beneficial for building their language skills.
  4. Effective Language Learning: Parents find this Chinese learning series helpful for their child’s second language education, as it gradually enhances their ⁢reading, writing, and speaking abilities.
  5. Fast ⁢Delivery: Customers were pleasantly surprised by the prompt delivery of the product, which arrived sooner than expected.
  6. Improvement Suggestions: There ​were some‍ concerns raised⁢ regarding the packaging‌ of the product, as it ‍arrived in a thin paper envelope that was damaged. However, all books remained intact.

Overall, the majority of our customers are satisfied with the​ comprehensive content ​and effectiveness⁢ of Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. ​4 ​for Chinese language learning.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive learning set ‍with textbook ⁤and exercise books
  • New version for updated and relevant content
  • Published by Jinan University, a ‌reputable institution
  • Includes 370⁤ pages for in-depth learning


  • Only available‍ in Simplified Chinese
  • Staple-bound format may not be as​ durable as other binding options
  • Item weight of 11.2 ounces‌ may be slightly heavy for some ‌users


Q: Is this Zhongwen Vol. 4 suitable⁢ for beginners or intermediate learners?

A: This set is more geared towards intermediate learners who already have a basic understanding of Chinese. It covers more complex grammar structures and vocabulary, so beginners ⁣might find it challenging.

Q: Are the exercises in the A and B exercise books ⁢helpful for practicing what is taught in the textbook?

A: Yes, the exercises in the A and B books are a great way to reinforce the lessons‌ learned in the​ textbook. They provide ample opportunities for practice and help solidify your understanding of the material.

Q:​ How is the quality of the print and materials‌ used in this set?

A: The print quality is excellent, with clear, crisp characters that are easy to read. The⁤ materials used are also durable, ‍so you can be sure that this set will last you ​a long time.

Q: Is this Zhongwen Vol.​ 4 suitable for self-study, or is it better used in a‍ classroom ⁤setting?

A: ⁣While this set ‍can be used ​for ​self-study, it is best used in conjunction with a teacher or tutor who can provide guidance and feedback. However, motivated learners can still ⁤benefit greatly from studying on their own with this resource.

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As we wrap up our ‌comprehensive review of Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. 4, ‌we can confidently say that this ‍language learning set is truly the ultimate companion for mastering Chinese. ‍With its well-structured textbook and engaging exercise books, learners of all ⁤levels can benefit from the rich content and⁤ effective‍ learning resources provided in this set. If you’re ‌looking to⁢ take your Chinese language skills to the next level, look no further than this top-notch resource from⁤ Jinan University.

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