Step into luxury with us as we delve into ⁣the sleek and sophisticated world of the⁢ PARLOS 2-Handle Widespread Waterfall Roman Bathtub Faucet Tub ​Filler with ⁤Valve, Matte Black, 1434204. In⁣ our quest‍ for the perfect balance between functionality and style, we stumbled upon ​this exquisite piece of craftsmanship that promises not just to adorn your bath space but to transform it into a haven of relaxation​ and elegance.
Crafted by PARLOS, a name synonymous with quality and⁤ innovation in⁣ the realm of bathroom fixtures, this Roman tub faucet ⁤embodies excellence in⁣ every detail. Constructed from ‌solid brass, its sturdy build ⁢ensures long-lasting performance, a ​feature we greatly appreciate in our pursuit‍ of durability.
But it’s not just about durability; ‌this⁣ faucet boasts a unique waterfall spout ⁢design that adds a touch of serenity to your bathing‌ experience.⁢ Gone are ‍the days of annoying ‍splashes – the⁤ smooth cascade of water creates an ambiance of tranquility, turning your bath time into a luxurious retreat.
Installation couldn’t be easier with its 3-hole configuration, allowing for widespread deck-mounted installation at various ‍distances, catering to your specific preferences and‍ needs.⁢ And with all ⁣the necessary mounting accessories included, there’s no need to fret about additional purchases or complicated setups.
Join us ‍as ⁣we dive‍ deeper into our firsthand experience with the PARLOS 2-Handle Widespread ⁤Waterfall Roman Bathtub Faucet Tub Filler ⁢with​ Valve, Matte Black, 1434204. ‌From its impeccable design to its effortless functionality, we’re excited to ⁢share our ​insights and observations to help you make an informed decision for your own sanctuary of relaxation.

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In our exploration of this PARLOS bathtub faucet, we found a marriage of sleek design and practical functionality. Crafted from solid brass, the faucet body promises enduring performance, ensuring longevity ‍in your‍ bathroom setup. What truly captivates us is the ⁣unique‌ waterfall spout,⁣ which not only adds a touch of elegance but also delivers a smooth flow without ⁤the hassle ‍of splashing.
With a‌ mixed water flow rate of 4.6 ​gpm at 60 psi ‌and a single water flow rate of 2.8 gpm at the⁣ same pressure, this​ faucet offers both efficiency and versatility. Its 3-hole installation ⁢design allows for flexibility, accommodating various deck ‌mounted installations‌ at distances ranging from 6 to 22 inches.‍ Plus, with all mounting accessories included, installation becomes a breeze. Discover ‌the perfect blend‍ of form and⁤ function in this complete waterfall bathtub faucet. Ready to upgrade ⁢your bathing experience? Check it out⁢ on Amazon.

Highlighting Key Features

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In highlighting the key features of our Roman‍ Bathtub Faucet, we focus on elements that ⁤enhance ‍both functionality and aesthetics. Crafted from solid brass, our⁢ faucet body ensures long-lasting performance, promising durability that withstands the test of time.⁣ The unique waterfall spout design not only adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom but also delivers a smooth waterfall ambiance without the nuisance of splashing. With ‍a ⁤mixed water flow ‍rate of 4.6 gpm @ 60 psi and a⁤ single water flow rate of 2.8 gpm @ 60 psi, our faucet⁢ offers both efficiency‌ and comfort‍ in water usage.
Installation‍ is made hassle-free with‌ our 3-hole design, allowing for widespread deck-mounted installations at any ‍distance ‍between 6 and 22 inches. The included mounting⁢ accessories cover all you need for installation, eliminating the need for additional​ purchases or rough-ins. ​With a ⁢hole diameter of ⁤1.25-1.37 inches (32-35mm), compatibility is ensured with most standard setups. Experience the complete package with our waterfall bathtub ⁢faucet, combining functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal seamlessly. Upgrade your bathing experience today​ with PARLOS. Check it out on Amazon!

In-Depth Analysis and Recommendations

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When considering a significant addition to‍ your bathroom like a bathtub faucet, durability and aesthetics are paramount. The PARLOS 2-Handle Widespread Waterfall Roman Bathtub Faucet excels in both aspects, making‍ it a compelling choice for discerning homeowners.

Constructed from‌ solid brass, ⁢this faucet ensures long-lasting performance, minimizing the ⁢need for frequent replacements. The ‌unique waterfall spout design not only adds a touch ‌of elegance‍ to⁢ your bathing space but also‍ provides a smooth ⁢water flow, creating a serene ambiance without any splashing. With a‍ mixed water ‍flow rate ⁣of 4.6 gpm‍ and ‍a single water flow rate of‍ 2.8 gpm, this faucet offers ‍both efficiency and comfort. Additionally, the⁤ 3-hole‍ installation allows for flexible⁢ mounting between 6⁢ and 22 inches, catering to various bathtub configurations.

For those seeking a complete solution without the hassle of additional purchases, the PARLOS⁤ bathtub faucet comes as a comprehensive package, including all necessary mounting accessories. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or building a new one,‌ this faucet combines functionality, durability, and⁤ aesthetics, making it a worthy investment ​for enhancing your bathing experience.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Let’s ⁤dive into what customers are saying about the ⁢PARLOS 2-Handle Widespread Waterfall ‌Roman Bathtub Faucet Tub Filler with‍ Valve in Matte Black.

Review Analysis
I love that you don’t have to sweat any of the⁢ fittings to hook it up. Everything is​ threaded Great quality metal construction⁤ and looks fantastic in the bathroom. Positive feedback on ease of ⁢installation, quality construction, and aesthetic appeal.
Product arrived, opened box ​and was ‌delighted. beautiful product! ‍The quality is​ absolutely amazing for⁣ the ‍money.⁢ I now have a new brand name for all of my faucet needs. ​Very happy. High praise for product quality and satisfaction with the purchase.
Very Nice price with quality parts and professional finish, that⁢ installed easily Positive remark on affordability, quality, and ease of ⁣installation.
Product does what it says. Easy to install. I am a little disappointed in the‍ size. I’m not sure how ​to explain it, kinda like putting⁢ mobile home furniture in a house… Don’t get me wrong‍ it is nice, and it⁢ looks as though it will⁤ hold up. Just‌ a tad smaller than I expected.​ I am happy with the functionality. There is definitely a drop in the water flow⁤ from my old‍ faucet, but⁤ for the ​price…. I will wait ‍the extra few minutes. Mixed review mentioning slight⁢ disappointment in size but‌ overall satisfaction with functionality considering the price.
My wife and I recently remodeled our bathroom and were really struggling to find a roman ⁣tub faucet and vanity faucets⁤ that matched. To go with a Moen or Delta that had‌ matching sets were outrageous in price. I found these and we really liked the ⁣style and decided to give them a try. We also bought a Moen shower valve. Out of ‍4 valves that were installed, the only one that leaked was‌ the Moen! These are very pretty in our new bathroom and highly recommend them. They are well​ made. ⁤They are metal and appear‌ to be‍ made to last and not disposable garbage. Time will tell. For the price,‌ I think they are well worth ⁣it. Extremely positive review emphasizing satisfaction with​ the product’s appearance, quality,⁤ and value for money.
This faucet set is very easy to⁢ install. I ⁤would recommend getting a shark​ bite ​adapter to aid with your ‌install. Positive comment ​on ease of installation with a recommendation for improvement.
This‌ is a very nice bathroom faucet. My home is eight years old and the fittings‌ were different. So‌ it cost me more ⁣than I had anticipated when I had⁣ them installed Positive feedback on‍ product quality with a mention of unexpected additional cost due to⁣ different fittings.
Pour plenty of ⁣water and secure to my bathtub very easily Short positive comment ⁤on ease ‌of ⁢installation and functionality.
Elle est parfaite French for “It⁢ is ⁣perfect”⁢ – Positive‍ sentiment.
So ⁢very ‍happy ‍with these taps. Stylish and beautiful design. Easy to install and work soooo well. The price point was amazing. Would definitely recommend to others. Thanks so much! Highly ​satisfied customer praising the product’s​ design, ease of‍ installation, performance, and ‍affordability.
Great project, easy to install. Good value for money. Positive review highlighting ease‍ of installation and value for money.
Love ⁤it but it runs a little slow doesn’t make my bubbles ⁣big because it’s soft Positive sentiment but with⁣ a minor issue mentioned regarding water flow.
Nice set Short positive comment on product.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Pros Description
Timeless Elegance Exudes sophistication with its matte black ​finish and classic design, adding a touch ​of luxury to any bathroom.
Durable Construction Made from solid brass, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance ⁤to corrosion and⁣ wear.
Smooth Waterfall Ambiance The unique waterfall spout delivers a gentle cascade of water, creating ⁢a serene and relaxing bathing experience without splashing.
Easy Installation Comes⁤ with all necessary mounting accessories and supports 3-hole installation, making setup hassle-free.


Cons Description
Water Flow Rate The ‍mixed water⁤ flow rate is⁣ relatively high at 4.6 gpm, which may lead to increased water ⁤consumption. Additionally,⁤ the⁢ single water flow rate of 2.8 gpm may feel insufficient for some users.
Design Limitation While the matte black finish offers a sleek look, ‍it may not perfectly‍ match all⁤ bathroom decor styles.
Space ⁣Requirement Requires a minimum distance of 6 inches between handles for installation, which may not be suitable for smaller bathtubs ‍or spaces.


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Q&A ⁤Section:
Q: Does the⁤ PARLOS Roman Bathtub Faucet come with the necessary components for installation?
A: Yes, absolutely! PARLOS‌ ensures a hassle-free installation process by including all the essential mounting accessories required for installation. So,​ no⁢ need to fret about ⁣additional ​trips ⁤to the hardware store – ⁣everything you need is conveniently packed in the box.
Q: Can you elaborate on the durability of the faucet?
A: Certainly! Our PARLOS Roman Bathtub‍ Faucet boasts a solid brass tub⁢ faucet body, ensuring not only⁤ longevity but also reliable ⁣performance over time. ​You can trust that this faucet is built to withstand the test of⁢ time, providing ‍you with years of luxurious ​bathing experiences.
Q: How wide of a⁢ bathtub⁣ can this faucet accommodate?
A: The PARLOS Roman⁢ Bathtub Faucet⁣ is designed for⁣ versatility. With its ‍3-hole installation and widespread deck mounted ‌configuration, it can accommodate various bathtub⁣ widths ranging from 6 to 22 inches. This flexibility allows⁣ you ⁤to enjoy ⁤its elegant waterfall⁤ design regardless of your‍ bathtub size.
Q: Is the waterfall spout prone to splashing?
A: Not at ⁤all!⁢ One ⁣of the standout features of the PARLOS Roman Bathtub Faucet ⁤is its ‍unique waterfall spout design, which delivers a smooth cascade of water without causing any splashing. Say goodbye ​to messy spills and ⁤hello to a serene bathing experience.
Q: What is the ⁢water flow rate of the‌ faucet?
A: The PARLOS ⁤Roman Bathtub Faucet ⁢offers both mixed water flow ⁤and​ single water flow options. The mixed water flow rate is 4.6 gallons ⁣per⁤ minute (GPM) at 60 psi, or 17.6 liters per minute (L/min) at 414 kPa. For single water flow, the ⁣rate​ is 2.8 GPM at 60 psi, or 10.6 L/min at 414​ kPa. Rest assured, you’ll have ample water⁤ flow to fill your tub quickly and efficiently.
Q: Does the faucet require any rough-in during ⁢installation?
A: Nope! The PARLOS Roman Bathtub Faucet is a complete waterfall bathtub faucet, eliminating the need for‍ any ⁣rough-in ​during installation. Simply follow the straightforward instructions included in the package, and you’ll have your elegant bathtub faucet up and running in no time.
Q: Can the faucet be installed by someone with⁤ limited plumbing experience?
A: While we always recommend seeking‌ professional assistance​ for plumbing installations, the PARLOS ‍Roman Bathtub Faucet ⁢is designed with user-friendliness in mind. ‍With⁢ clear instructions and all necessary components included, those with basic DIY skills should be able ‍to tackle the installation process with⁢ confidence. However, if you’re unsure, it’s never a bad idea to consult a professional plumber for assistance.

Discover the Power

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As we ⁢draw the curtains on our exploration of⁤ PARLOS Roman Bath Faucets, we find ourselves immersed in the allure of timeless elegance. The PARLOS 2-Handle Widespread Waterfall Roman Bathtub Faucet Tub Filler with Valve, in‌ its Matte Black ‌finish, stands as a testament to both​ sophistication and ‌functionality.
Crafted from solid brass, this bathtub faucet assures enduring performance, a promise echoed by⁢ its ‍unique waterfall ⁢spout design. With a mixed water flow rate of 4.6⁢ gpm⁣ and a single water flow rate of 2.8 gpm, every interaction with‍ water becomes a seamless experience.
Installation is a breeze, thanks to‍ its 3-hole configuration, ‌accommodating deck-mounted installations at distances ranging ​from ‌6 ‍to‍ 22 inches. And with all ⁤necessary mounting accessories included, ​the path to luxury is⁣ clear and uncomplicated.
Elevate your bathing experience with the PARLOS Roman Bath​ Faucet,‌ where every ⁤drop tells ‍a story of opulence and refinement.
Ready to embark on ⁣your journey to indulgence? Click here to claim your PARLOS Roman Bath Faucet: Explore Now.

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