Welcome to⁢ our review of the ⁣Zurn Z826B4-XL Double Lab ​Faucet with 5-3/8″ Gooseneck and 4″ Wrist Blade Handles, Chrome. If you’re in the⁣ market for a‍ reliable and⁢ durable laboratory faucet, then you’re in the ‌right place. We’ve had the pleasure of⁤ testing out this faucet, and we’re excited to share ⁣our experience with you.
Crafted by ⁣Zurn, ⁢a trusted name in plumbing fixtures, the AquaSpec Laboratory Faucet is‍ designed to⁤ deliver lasting performance and​ a brilliant shine. The faucet boasts a lead-free cast brass body,​ ensuring ‍both durability ⁣and compliance with ​safety regulations. ‍But what ‍truly sets this faucet apart is‍ its heavy-duty quarter-turn ceramic⁣ disc ⁣cartridge, capable of enduring ⁤up to a million cycles. Yes, you read that right – a million cycles. That’s durability you can count on.
The Z826B4-XL features a sleek and versatile design, with a ⁤5 3/8-inch swing or stationary gooseneck spout, perfect for various lab applications. Its two vandal-resistant, color-coded‌ 4-inch metal wrist blade handles not only ​add to its durability but also make operation a breeze.⁣ And let’s not forget the ⁢polished chrome-plated finish, which not only adds a⁣ touch of elegance but also ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.
One of the standout features⁤ of this faucet is its ⁢adaptability. With 12 pressure-compensating flow-control ⁤options ranging from 0.5 GPM to 2.2 GPM,​ including standard and vandal-resistant versions of aerated, spray, and laminar flow outlets, you⁣ can customize your⁤ water flow to suit​ your needs. Whether you’re looking to conserve water or need a ‌higher flow⁣ rate, the Zurn Z826B4-XL has you covered.
Installation is a cinch thanks to the⁤ included stainless steel braided connection hoses for connecting hot⁤ and cold inlets. Plus, with its integral shank design, this faucet offers a ​sleek and clean ‌appearance that will ‌complement any laboratory setting.
Overall, our experience with the Zurn Z826B4-XL Double Lab Faucet has been nothing short of impressive.⁣ From its durable construction to its customizable water flow options, it’s clear that this⁤ faucet is designed with ⁣both⁢ performance and⁢ convenience in mind. If you’re in need of‌ a reliable and ​high-performing laboratory⁣ faucet, look no further than the⁣ Zurn Z826B4-XL.

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Step into the realm of enduring performance and‍ undeniable ⁤elegance with the Zurn ⁣AquaSpec Laboratory Faucet. Crafted meticulously ‌from lead-free cast brass, this faucet embodies‌ durability​ without compromise. Our faucet valves ‍boast ​a heavy-duty‌ quarter-turn ceramic disc cartridge, ensuring not ⁣just longevity but reliability that stands the test of time. Each component is ⁢meticulously ⁢designed to exude both functionality and sophistication.

  • Single-hole⁣ design with a ‍versatile 5 3/8-inch swing‌ or stationary gooseneck spout
  • Equipped with two vandal-resistant,⁢ color-coded 4-inch metal wrist blade handles for effortless control
  • Polished chrome-plated finish adds a touch of refinement to any laboratory setting

Features Specifications
Flow Control Options 12 options ranging from 0.5 GPM to 2.2 GPM, including standard​ and⁤ vandal-resistant ⁣versions
Cartridge⁣ Durability Quarter-turn ceramic disc cartridges last up to a million cycles
Connection Hoses Includes ‌two ⁣stainless steel braided hoses for hot and cold inlets
Material Lead-free cast brass body complying‍ with the⁢ Safe‍ Water Drinking Act

Discover unparalleled versatility with 12 pressure-compensating flow-control options, ensuring you have the perfect water flow for every task. From aerated to laminar flow outlets, our faucet caters to your specific needs. ⁤Whether you seek ‍efficiency, durability, or aesthetic appeal, the Zurn AquaSpec Laboratory ​Faucet is the ⁣epitome of excellence. Elevate your laboratory experience today.

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Distinctive Features and Design

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When it comes to , the Zurn Z826B4-XL Double Lab Faucet⁣ truly stands out. Crafted with meticulous‌ attention to detail, this faucet boasts a lead-free cast brass body that ‌not only exudes durability but also ensures compliance ⁢with ⁢safety standards. What sets it apart is the heavy-duty quarter-turn ceramic disc‍ cartridge, which promises lasting performance over a million cycles. This ​innovative ‌feature not only enhances longevity‍ but ‍also guarantees smooth operation, making it a reliable choice‌ for laboratory settings.
Moreover, the faucet’s design is both functional and stylish. The 5 3/8-inch⁤ swing or stationary gooseneck spout adds versatility, allowing for‌ effortless ⁤maneuvering while accommodating various laboratory tasks. ​The inclusion of two vandal-resistant, color-coded 4-inch metal wrist blade handles further ⁣emphasizes durability and user convenience. Finished with a polished chrome-plated ‌exterior, ​this faucet exudes a sleek and clean‌ appearance, making it an attractive addition to any ‌laboratory environment. With its array of pressure-compensating flow-control options and easy-to-install stainless steel braided connection hoses, the Zurn Z826B4-XL Double Lab Faucet offers unmatched performance and reliability. Experience the difference today by clicking here.

Performance and Usability

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Our experience with the Zurn Z826B4-XL has⁤ been nothing short of exceptional. The durability ‌of its lead-free cast brass body ensures longevity, meeting our expectations⁢ for a high-quality lab faucet. What truly sets this faucet apart is its unique quarter-turn⁤ ceramic disc cartridge, which not only⁢ provides lasting performance but also smooth ‍operation. We’ve ​found⁤ the cartridge to be incredibly durable, lasting up to ⁤a million⁣ cycles, offering peace of⁣ mind for⁤ long-term usability.

Feature Benefit
12 pressure-compensating‌ flow-control ‌options Allows‌ for versatile usage‌ depending on water requirements
Includes two stainless steel braided connection⁤ hoses Facilitates easy installation and ensures reliable connections
Lead-free cast brass body Provides durability while meeting safety standards

The Z826B4-XL’s design also impresses with ​its 5 3/8-inch swing or stationary gooseneck spout ​and vandal-resistant, color-coded metal wrist blade handles, all⁣ finished in polished chrome for a sleek ⁢appearance. Whether it’s the standard 2.2 gpm pressure-compensating aerator or the alternate flow rates ⁢as low as 0.5 gpm, this⁤ faucet offers flexibility without compromising⁢ on performance. With its blend of functionality and durability, the Zurn Z826B4-XL is undoubtedly a standout ‍choice for lab faucet applications.

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When it comes to laboratory faucets, ​durability and performance are paramount, and the Zurn Z826B4-XL Double Lab Faucet certainly‌ delivers. Crafted from lead-free cast brass, this faucet ensures ‌not only lasting performance but also meets safety standards. What truly sets it apart is the heavy-duty quarter-turn ceramic disc ​cartridge, guaranteeing reliability over millions of cycles.⁣ With its sleek polished chrome-plated finish, ⁣it adds a touch of elegance to any laboratory setting.

One ⁤of the standout features of the Zurn​ Z826B4-XL is its versatility in flow control. With 12 pressure-compensating options ranging from 0.5 GPM to 2.2 GPM, including vandal-resistant choices, ⁣it caters to diverse needs while ensuring ​water conservation. The inclusion of two stainless steel braided connection hoses simplifies installation, while the 5 3/8-inch gooseneck spout provides flexibility in use. Whether‍ you’re⁤ in ⁣need of standard aerated flow or low-flow laminar options, this⁣ faucet adapts effortlessly, making it⁣ a reliable choice for‍ laboratory applications. For those seeking a ​durable, high-performing solution, the‌ Zurn Z826B4-XL Double Lab Faucet is a top contender.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ​Reviews Analysis

Upon examining customer feedback, we’ve gathered valuable insights into the⁣ performance and ‌satisfaction levels with the Zurn Z826B4-XL Double⁣ Lab Faucet. Let’s delve into the ⁣sentiments⁤ expressed ⁣by users:

Review Key Takeaways
“Very pleased how this faucet set ‌has worked out. Especially fitting‌ into our existing sink. Works as advertised and the delivery was prompt…well engineered product and I would‌ purchase it again!”

  • Easy installation into existing ​setups.
  • Prompt delivery enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Positive remarks on product engineering ‍and functionality.

From the review provided, it’s evident that users find the⁤ Zurn ​Z826B4-XL Faucet to be a reliable addition to their ⁣laboratory setups. The seamless‍ integration into existing sinks is highlighted as a notable advantage, suggesting versatility ⁤and compatibility.

Moreover, the positive mention of prompt delivery⁣ indicates commendable service from​ the manufacturer, enhancing the overall customer experience. The affirmation⁤ of ⁣the‍ product’s engineering quality further reinforces its appeal and reliability.

Overall, this​ review ​reflects a high level of satisfaction with the Zurn AquaSpec ⁤Faucet, emphasizing its ⁤functionality, reliability, and ease of‌ integration. Such ‌feedback is valuable for prospective buyers looking to make an informed decision about ​their lab faucet ⁤upgrade.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


Durable Construction Zurn’s ⁣AquaSpec Laboratory ⁣Faucet boasts a lead-free cast brass body, ensuring longevity and compliance with safety regulations.
Heavy-Duty Cartridge The unique‍ quarter-turn ceramic⁢ disc cartridge ⁢is exceptionally durable, promising⁣ lasting performance even after a⁢ million cycles.
Variable Flow Rates With 12 pressure-compensating flow-control⁣ options ranging from 0.5 GPM to ​2.2⁢ GPM, ‌you have flexibility in water usage, including water-saving options.
Vandal-Resistant Features The faucet comes with vandal-resistant metal wrist blade‌ handles​ and options⁤ for vandal-resistant outlets, ensuring durability in high-traffic areas.
Easy Installation Includes ⁣two stainless steel braided connection hoses for connecting hot and cold inlets, making ​installation hassle-free.
Sleek Design The polished chrome-plated ⁤finish‌ adds a touch of elegance to any‌ laboratory setting, with a⁤ clean and modern⁣ appearance.


Single-Hole Installation The⁣ faucet is designed for single-hole ⁣installation,⁣ which may limit compatibility‍ with existing⁢ setups.
Fixed Gooseneck Spout While the 5 3/8-inch ‍gooseneck spout offers flexibility, it is not adjustable, ⁢which may be a drawback for some users.
Cost Compared​ to standard laboratory faucets, ⁣the ‌Zurn Z826B4-XL is​ priced at ‍a premium‌ due to its high-quality construction and features.

Overall, Zurn’s AquaSpec Faucet offers durability, versatility, and a sleek design, making it​ a worthy ⁣investment for⁢ laboratory upgrades. However, potential buyers should consider‌ compatibility and cost factors before‌ making a⁤ purchase decision.⁤


Q&A Section:
1. Is the Zurn Z826B4-XL Laboratory ⁤Faucet suitable for ⁢heavy lab ​use?
Absolutely! The Zurn ‍Z826B4-XL is ​engineered with‍ durability ⁣in mind, featuring a lead-free cast brass body and heavy-duty quarter-turn ceramic disc cartridge. This​ makes it ideal for heavy lab usage, ensuring​ lasting performance even in demanding environments.
2. Can the flow ‌rate be adjusted on the Z826B4-XL faucet?
Yes, indeed! This faucet offers ⁤versatility with its 12 pressure-compensating flow-control options, ranging from a water-saving 0.5 GPM to a‌ standard 2.2 GPM. Whether ⁢you need a ⁣gentle flow ⁣for delicate ⁤tasks or a higher flow for ‌efficient cleaning, this faucet has you covered.
3. ⁤Are ‌the handles easy to operate?
Absolutely! ‍The‌ Z826B4-XL comes with two‌ vandal-resistant, color-coded 4-inch ‌metal wrist blade handles,⁣ providing smooth and easy operation. Their ergonomic‌ design ‍ensures comfortable use, even during prolonged periods in the lab.
4. ⁣Does the faucet come with all necessary connections ⁢for installation?
Yes, ‍it does! The Zurn Z826B4-XL includes two stainless steel braided connection hoses for connecting hot and cold⁤ inlets, ⁢making installation a breeze.‍ With everything you need ⁤included, you can have your new faucet up and ​running‌ in no time.
5. Is the chrome-plated finish durable and easy to clean?
Absolutely! The polished chrome-plated finish not only adds a sleek and clean appearance to your lab space but also provides durability. It’s resistant to tarnishing ‍and corrosion, making it easy to maintain its​ luster with ​regular cleaning.
6. Can‍ this faucet accommodate different sink configurations?
Yes, it⁤ can!⁤ The Z826B4-XL‌ is a single-hole ‌faucet with‌ a⁣ 5 3/8-inch swing or stationary gooseneck spout, offering ​flexibility to accommodate various sink configurations. Whether you‌ have a standard‍ or custom lab sink, this faucet⁢ is designed‍ to fit seamlessly.
7. Is the Z826B4-XL compliant with regulations regarding safe drinking water?
Absolutely! The lead-free cast brass body of this faucet complies with‍ the Safe Water Drinking Act, ensuring that you have peace of mind about the quality of water flowing from your faucet. It’s not just durable and high-performing ⁤but also ⁤meets essential safety standards.
8. Can the Zurn Z826B4-XL be used in ​other applications besides ⁢laboratory settings?
While⁣ designed⁣ specifically for lab ⁢faucet applications, the Z826B4-XL’s durability, versatility, and sleek design make⁣ it suitable for various other commercial or industrial settings where a high-performing⁤ faucet is needed.⁣ However, it’s always a good idea to ensure compatibility with‌ your specific needs‍ before ⁢installation.

Embrace a New Era

As we conclude our exploration of the Zurn Z826B4-XL Double Lab Faucet with 5-3/8″ Gooseneck and 4″ Wrist Blade Handles, Chrome, we’re left thoroughly impressed by its performance and design. From its durable‍ construction to its versatile flow options, this faucet truly stands out as a top choice for laboratory applications.
The‌ heavy-duty quarter-turn ceramic⁣ disc cartridge ensures lasting durability,⁤ while ​the sleek chrome-plated finish adds a touch of elegance to any lab setting.‌ With 12 pressure-compensating flow-control options, ⁢including ‍water-saving features, the Z826B4-XL offers both efficiency and flexibility.
Whether you’re upgrading your ​lab space or searching for a ⁤reliable‍ faucet solution, Zurn’s AquaSpec line proves to be a trustworthy companion. So why wait? ‌Elevate your lab experience with the Zurn Z826B4-XL today!
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