Welcome to our review of the Akicon Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen⁣ Water Filter Faucet! Today, ⁣we’re excited to share ⁢our first-hand experience with this⁤ versatile and high-quality addition to any kitchen.

From the moment we unboxed the product, we were‍ impressed⁢ by its sleek design and sturdy construction. The oil rubbed‍ bronze​ finish not only ‍adds a ⁢touch of elegance to the kitchen decor but also promises durability, resisting tarnish and corrosion over time.

Installation was ​a breeze, thanks to⁤ the user-friendly design and clear⁢ instructions provided. Within minutes, we had the faucet securely in place, ready ‍to enhance our daily kitchen activities.

One standout feature of this faucet⁣ is its high-arch ‍spout ⁤design, which allows for a ⁣full 360-degree rotation. This not only‍ provides⁣ ample space for various sink tasks but also adds flexibility to the overall‍ kitchen layout.

We were also pleased⁣ to note that the faucet is 100% lead-free, ensuring the safety of our water supply. Plus, ⁤its compliance with​ CA Title ‌20, ⁢along with certifications from IAPMO,​ UPC, ⁢and CSA, speaks volumes about its reliability and adherence to industry standards.

With‍ a maximum flow rate of 1.8 GPM/6.8 LPM at 60 PSI, this faucet delivers a steady stream of water ⁢for all our needs. Whether ⁤it’s ‍filling pots, rinsing vegetables, or simply getting a refreshing drink, the Akicon⁣ Water‌ Filter Faucet performs‍ flawlessly.

Overall, we’ve been thoroughly impressed with the Akicon Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Water Filter Faucet.⁤ Its combination of style, durability, and functionality makes it a ‍standout choice for⁤ any​ kitchen upgrade. Stay tuned for more in-depth insights and pros and cons ​in our full review!

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Our experience with the Akicon Oil⁢ Rubbed ⁢Bronze⁤ Kitchen ⁢Water Filter Faucet ‍has been nothing short of remarkable. Crafted with precision and thoughtfulness, this faucet seamlessly integrates style‌ and functionality into any kitchen space.

The high-arch spout design, coupled with a 360-degree ‍rotation capability, offers​ unparalleled convenience for various sink ​activities. Whether it’s washing dishes or filling pots, this ⁤faucet provides ⁤ample⁢ room and flexibility. Constructed with a brass body ‌that’s 100% lead-free and adorned with‌ an⁢ exquisite antique copper‌ finish, durability and longevity are ⁣assured. Installation is a breeze, making it accessible for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen setup. Its versatility ‌extends to compatibility with various types of water systems, including filters,⁣ purifiers, softeners, and electrolysis machines. With compliance⁣ to stringent standards such as CA Title 20, IAPMO/UPC/CSA certification, and ADA compliance, this ​faucet promises both reliability ‍and safety.

Experience the ‌convenience and elegance ⁢of the Akicon Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Water Filter Faucet today!

Product Features and Highlights

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In assessing the features and highlights of this Akicon Oil​ Rubbed Bronze⁣ Kitchen Water‍ Filter Faucet, our attention is drawn to several standout qualities that make it a worthy addition to ⁣any kitchen space. First and⁣ foremost, ⁢the ‌high-arch spout design with ⁢a 360-degree rotation⁤ capability provides exceptional flexibility and‌ accessibility ⁤for various sink activities. This ⁢feature allows for easy maneuvering‍ and accommodates a wide range of kitchen tasks, from filling large pots to efficiently ⁣rinsing dishes.

Another notable attribute is the solid brass body, ensuring the faucet is⁤ 100% lead-free. Coupled with its high-quality antique ‌copper finish, this construction resists tarnishing and corrosion, promising ⁤durability and longevity.⁢ The faucet’s​ ease of installation makes it a‌ practical choice‌ for DIY enthusiasts or professionals alike. Its compatibility with different water filtration systems, purifiers, and ⁢softeners further enhances ⁤its utility and versatility⁤ in the⁤ kitchen. With a flow rate compliant with‌ CA ⁣Title 20 standards and ADA compliance, this ⁢faucet offers peace of mind ​in terms ⁢of safety​ and regulatory adherence.

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In-depth‌ Analysis and Recommendations

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Upon ⁢delving into the intricacies of the ⁤ AK97718ORB, we find⁣ a‌ faucet that not only boasts an elegant design but also‌ offers practical functionality for everyday kitchen use. Its high-arch spout design, coupled with a 360-degree rotation capability, provides ample space for various sink activities, making it a versatile ⁢choice for any kitchen ⁤setup. Crafted from brass and finished with an antique copper coating, this⁤ faucet ⁢not only⁤ exudes a timeless aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability and resistance to tarnish and corrosion, promising long-lasting performance.

Installation of the AK97718ORB is a ‍breeze, thanks​ to its user-friendly design. Whether you’re⁢ setting up a pure water system, water filter, purifier, softener, or electrolysis machine, this ‍faucet ⁢adapts ​seamlessly to various applications.⁤ With a ‍maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute and compliance with stringent standards such as CA Title 20, IAPMO/UPC/CSA ‌certification, ​and ADA requirements, it guarantees both efficiency ⁣and⁣ safety. For those⁢ seeking a blend‌ of style, functionality, and reliability in their kitchen fixtures, the ⁢ AK97718ORB stands ⁣out as a compelling choice.

Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Our​ customers have shared their ⁢experiences ‍with the Akicon⁣ Oil ⁤Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Water⁤ Filter Faucet, and we’ve compiled their‍ feedback to provide you with a comprehensive overview:

<div class="review-summary">
<h3>Overall Impressions:</h3>
<p>Customers have expressed high satisfaction with the faucet's quality, appearance, and functionality. Most users find it to be an elegant addition to their kitchens.</p>

<div class="review-details">
<table class="wp-block-table">
<td>"I haven't purchased my RO system just yet, but we did install it on our new granite counter, next to the copper faucet and copper sink and it looks gorgeous. Very good quality for such little money! Am very pleased so far."</td>
<td>Gorgeous appearance, high quality, and excellent value.</td>
<td>"when it arrived, i COULD NOT WAIT to call my plumber!!! so sleek so sexy so bright and vibrant so elegant and yet comanding!! o myyy!!!! he came, he put it in, i looked,, i cried!! freakishly beautiful!! the very begining to my future copper kitchen!! IN LOVE!! did i say that yet?? might i say,, as a man,, i am quite jelous of its flow 😂😂😂 PERFECTION!!!"</td>
<td>Rave review praising the faucet's aesthetics and performance.</td>
<td>"This is well made high quality product."</td>
<td>Praise for the faucet's quality construction.</td>
<td>"Had a customer that has copper trim in her kitchen. Installed this water dispenser for her filter system. I am impressed with the durability and craftsmanship of this unit. Customer loves it."</td>
<td>Impressed with durability and craftsmanship, customer satisfaction.</td>
<td>"Was much smaller then I thought. Was cute and dainty but not what I was thinking."</td>
<td>Some disappointment regarding size expectations.</td>
<td>"We like it. The faucet is good."</td>
<td>Positive feedback on the faucet's performance.</td>
<td>"100% Recommended"</td>
<td>Strong endorsement for the product.</td>
<td>"Looks better than photo and is super heavy, made well. The top part swivels to make to easier to fill different sized glasses and containers. I was hoping the finish would match with our new antique copper Moen kitchen faucet and it goes perfectly!"</td>
<td>Positive remarks on appearance, weight, functionality, and compatibility.</td>
<td>"Works good, heavy duty material and gives the perfect look to our kitchen"</td>
<td>Praise for functionality and aesthetic enhancement of the kitchen.</td>

In this analysis, we’ve⁤ highlighted the key points from each customer review,‌ covering aspects such‍ as appearance, quality, size, functionality,‍ and ⁢overall satisfaction. ⁤This comprehensive ⁣overview aims to provide​ potential buyers with valuable insights into the ‌Akicon Oil Rubbed Bronze ​Kitchen Water Filter Faucet’s​ performance and suitability for‍ their needs.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. High-arch spout design with 360-degree rotation ‌offers convenience and flexibility for various sink activities.
2. Brass body construction ensures 100% lead-free material, providing durability and resistance against​ tarnish and corrosion.
3. Easy installation process makes ⁢it suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.
4. Compliance with various standards including CA ‍Title 20, IAPMO, UPC,⁣ CSA, and ADA ensures quality and safety.
5. Versatile usage for various types of pure water​ applications ⁢such as filters, purifiers, softeners,⁤ and electrolysis ‌machines.


1. Designed only for cold ⁣or hot⁤ water, limiting its usage‌ compared to faucets with dual​ functionality.
2. Spout height and reach may⁢ not be suitable for ‌all sink configurations, potentially causing inconvenience in certain setups.

Overall, the Akicon⁢ Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Water Filter Faucet offers a blend of elegance, functionality, and compliance ​with industry standards, making it a suitable‍ choice for upgrading⁤ your kitchen with style and reliability.


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Q&A Section:

Q: Is this faucet suitable for both hot and cold water?

A:‍ No, ‌this faucet is designed⁤ for either hot or cold water only. ‍It’s important to note that it does not have a mixer for both temperatures.

Q: Is the installation process complicated?

A: ‍Not at all! The Akicon Oil Rubbed ​Bronze Kitchen Water‌ Filter Faucet is designed⁢ for‍ easy installation. Just follow the provided instructions, and you’ll have it ‍up and running‍ in no time.

Q: Can this faucet be used with water filters and ⁣purifiers?

A: Absolutely! This faucet is compatible‌ with various types of pure water systems, including filters, purifiers, softeners,⁢ and electrolysis machines. It’s a versatile addition to‍ any kitchen.

Q: Is the finish durable and resistant ‍to tarnish?

A: Yes, indeed. The ​high-quality antique copper finish not only adds elegance to your kitchen but also resists tarnish and corrosion, ‌ensuring durability and longevity.

Q: Is this faucet ADA compliant?

A: Yes, it is. The Akicon Oil ⁤Rubbed ‌Bronze Kitchen Water Filter Faucet complies ⁢with ADA‍ (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards, making it accessible and ⁣user-friendly for everyone.

Q: What are the dimensions of the faucet?

A:⁢ The‌ spout height is 7.13 ⁤inches,​ the spout reach is 4.5 inches, and the overall⁢ height‌ is​ 9.08 ‌inches. These⁤ dimensions ⁢make it suitable for a⁢ variety of sink activities in the kitchen.

Q: Is this faucet certified by any regulatory bodies?

A: Absolutely. This faucet is IAPMO, UPC, and CSA certified, as well as compliant with CA ⁤Title 20 and‌ ANSI/ASME​ A112.18.1 standards. You‌ can trust its quality ⁢and reliability.

Q:⁣ Can the spout rotate 360 degrees?

A: Yes, it can. The high-arch spout ⁢design allows for a full 360-degree rotation, providing ample room for various sink activities in⁤ the kitchen. ​It’s​ both practical and ⁤convenient.

Q: Is the faucet made of lead-free materials?

A: Yes, it is. The brass body⁣ construction ensures that this faucet is 100% lead-free, prioritizing ‍the health and‍ safety of you‌ and your family.

Q: How much water does the faucet flow⁣ per⁢ minute?

A: The maximum‌ flow rate is 1.8 gallons per minute ‌(GPM) or 6.8 liters per minute (LPM) at 60 PSI, meeting standard requirements while still ‌providing ⁤efficient water usage. ⁤

Elevate Your Lifestyle

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As we conclude⁤ our exploration ​of the Akicon Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Water Filter Faucet, we can’t help but be⁢ impressed by its blend‌ of ⁤elegance and ⁣functionality. The high-arch spout design,​ coupled with ⁣360-degree ‌rotation, offers unparalleled convenience for all your kitchen⁣ activities. Crafted⁣ with a brass body that’s 100% lead-free and finished with an exquisite antique copper ​finish, this faucet is not just a practical ⁣addition to your kitchen but also a stylish ‍one.

Its ease of installation and ​durability⁤ make it a‌ versatile⁢ choice for ⁢various water-related appliances, whether it’s a⁤ water ⁢filter, purifier, softener, ‍or electrolysis machine. Moreover, its compliance⁣ with various certifications including CA Title 20, IAPMO, UPC, CSA, and ANSI/ASME A112.18.1, along with ADA compliance, speaks volumes about ​its quality and ⁢safety standards.

With its maximum ‌flow ‍rate of 1.8 GPM/6.8‌ LPM at 60 PSI, this faucet ensures ⁢efficient water usage without compromising on performance. However, do​ keep‌ in mind that it’s ‍designed only for cold or hot water.

In essence, the Akicon Oil Rubbed Bronze ⁣Kitchen Water Filter Faucet is more than just a faucet; it’s a statement piece that revitalizes your kitchen with its ⁢charm and utility.

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