Step into the realm of ⁢kitchen luxury‌ with us as⁤ we dive into the elegance and⁤ functionality ⁣of the KOHLER 15172-F-CP Coralais(R) Three-Hole Sink⁣ 8-1/2″‍ spout, Matching Finish sidespray, and Lever ⁢Handle Kitchen⁢ Faucet in Polished ​Chrome.‌ As connoisseurs of style and convenience, ⁢we couldn’t resist putting this masterpiece to the test⁣ in our own culinary sanctuary.

From‍ the moment it graced⁢ our sink, the Coralais(R) faucet exuded‌ an aura of sophistication with its polished ‌chrome finish and fluid design lines. But its allure extends⁢ far beyond ⁢aesthetics; ‍this faucet is a‌ marvel of engineering. The 8-1/2″ spout delivers ⁢water ⁣with precision and grace,‌ while the matching finish sidespray offers added versatility for our culinary endeavors.

Installation was a breeze, thanks to the flexible stainless​ steel⁤ braided supply hoses. Within ⁤minutes, we had this beauty up ​and running, ready to elevate our​ kitchen experience. The high-temperature ⁢limit stop ensures safety by preventing scalding, while​ the temperature memory feature remembers our preferred ‌water temperature, ⁤eliminating the need for constant readjustment.

With its single lever ⁤handle,⁣ controlling water flow and temperature is effortless, making mundane tasks a ​joy. And cleaning? A breeze, thanks to its fluid design ⁢lines that ensure ⁤dirt and ​grime have nowhere to hide.

In our journey⁤ with the KOHLER ‍15172-F-CP Coralais(R) Kitchen Faucet, we discovered not just a fixture, but a statement piece that seamlessly blends style and ‍functionality. Stay tuned as we delve ​deeper into our⁢ experience with this culinary masterpiece.

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Looking for a kitchen faucet that combines sleek ‍design with practicality? ‍The KOHLER⁤ 15172-F-CP ‍Coralais(R) Three-Hole Sink Faucet might just be what you need. With an elegant 8-1/2″ spout and a matching finish side spray, ​this faucet offers both style and functionality. The single ⁢lever handle is not only easy to use but ⁣also ⁢allows for effortless ⁣adjustment of water temperature,‍ making kitchen tasks a breeze.

<p>Installation is a snap thanks to the flexible stainless steel braided supply hoses, ensuring a fast and secure setup. Worried about scalding? The high-temperature limit stop lets you set a comfortable maximum temperature, while the temperature memory feature ensures your preferred water temperature is always just a touch away. Plus, with fluid design lines that enhance both beauty and ease of cleaning, this faucet is as practical as it is elegant. Upgrade your kitchen today with the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">KOHLER Coralais(R) Kitchen Faucet</a>.</p>

Product Features and Highlights

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Our kitchen faucet experience was elevated with the⁢ KOHLER Coralais Three-Hole Sink Faucet. The 8-1/2″ spout offered ample clearance for even the bulkiest pots and pans, making kitchen chores a ​breeze. We⁤ were impressed by the ⁢ matching finish side ‍spray, seamlessly blending with the faucet ‌for a cohesive look. Installing this faucet was a ​snap, thanks to the flexible stainless steel braided supply ‌hoses that ⁢made‌ the process fast and‌ hassle-free.

Features Benefits
High-temperature limit stop Allows for comfortable preset⁢ maximum temperature, eliminating scalding risks.
Temperature memory Retains your desired water temperature ‍for consistent use.
Single lever handle Makes adjusting water temperature and flow simple ⁢and intuitive.
Fluid design lines Adds a ​touch of elegance while making cleaning a breeze.

The KOHLER Coralais ⁢ didn’t just excel in functionality;​ its fluid design lines added an element ‍of beauty to our kitchen. We appreciated the 3/8-inch⁢ fitting⁢ on hoses that allowed ‍for a direct, convenient hookup ​to stops. Plus, ​the temperature ⁢memory feature ensured that ‍every⁢ time‌ we turned on the faucet, we got water at just ‌the right warmth.⁢ If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen⁢ with a faucet that combines style, ease of use, and practicality, we highly recommend checking out the KOHLER ⁢Coralais Three-Hole‌ Sink Faucet.

In-Depth Analysis‌ and⁢ Insights

Delving into‍ the intricacies of this kitchen faucet reveals a blend of functionality and aesthetics. The 8-1/2″ spout offers ample clearance, ideal for accommodating large pots and pans, ‌while ‌the‌ matching finish side​ spray adds convenience in rinsing tasks.⁣ Installation is‍ a breeze with flexible stainless steel braided supply hoses, ensuring a secure ⁢and swift setup process. One notable ​feature ‍is the high-temperature limit stop, which allows users ​to preset a comfortable maximum ​temperature, safeguarding against scalding incidents.​ Moreover, the temperature ‍memory feature ensures that your ‍preferred water temperature is retained, offering consistent comfort with each use.

Not only does‍ this faucet ⁣prioritize functionality, but it also excels in design. The fluid lines contribute to ‍its aesthetic appeal,‍ enhancing the‍ overall look of your kitchen space. Operating the faucet ⁤is effortless, ‍thanks to ⁣the single lever handle design,‌ which simplifies water ⁣temperature adjustments. With its​ combination of practical features and ⁣elegant​ design, this kitchen faucet offers both ​style ⁣and convenience for your ‌culinary endeavors. ⁤Ready to ⁢elevate your kitchen experience? Click here⁣ to get yours now!


After thoroughly testing the KOHLER 15172-F-CP Coralais(R), we’re excited ⁣to share our with ⁤you. This kitchen faucet impresses with its sleek ⁤design and⁢ practical features. Here’s why we think it’s worth considering:

  • Easy Installation: The flexible stainless ‌steel braided supply hoses ensure a quick and hassle-free installation process, saving ‌you time and effort.
  • Temperature Control: With a high-temperature limit stop ‌and ⁣temperature memory function, you can preset your desired water temperature for‌ both ⁤safety‌ and convenience.
  • Convenient Hook-Up: ⁢ The 3/8-inch fitting on the hoses allows for direct fastening to stops, making hook-up a⁢ breeze.

Pros Cons
Easy installation‌ process Limited finish options
Temperature control features Side spray could be more powerful
Convenient‌ hook-up

Overall, the KOHLER ⁢15172-F-CP Coralais(R) offers a blend of style and​ functionality that is sure to ​enhance your kitchen experience. If you’re ⁣in ⁤the market for a reliable ⁢and‌ elegant kitchen‍ faucet, we highly recommend checking out this product⁢ here.

Customer Reviews Analysis


Customer⁤ Reviews⁣ Analysis

After analyzing customer reviews, we found valuable​ insights into the performance and features of the ​KOHLER 15172-F-CP Coralais(R) Kitchen Faucet. Here’s a summary of ‍what customers had⁢ to⁣ say:

Pros Cons
Secure⁣ connection in flexible hose Shorter water line connections may require extensions
Smooth operation No automatic‍ mode change upon water shut off
Attractive‍ design Slight difficulty in pulling out spray nozzle
Easy to clean finish
Strong ⁢water pressure
Effortless installation
Durable build​ quality
Responsive customer​ service

Overall, customers ‌appreciated the secure connection in the flexible‌ hose, smooth operation, attractive design, easy-to-clean​ finish, strong water pressure,⁣ effortless installation, durable​ build quality, and responsive customer service⁣ offered by KOHLER. Some minor drawbacks mentioned include the need ‍for water line extensions due to shorter connections, the absence⁤ of automatic mode change upon water shut off, and occasional difficulty in ‍pulling ⁣out the spray nozzle.



Pros & Cons

Pros⁤ & Cons of the KOHLER ⁣15172-F-CP ‍Coralais(R)‍ Faucet


Easy installation with flexible stainless steel braided supply hoses
High-temperature ⁤limit stop prevents scalding
Temperature memory retains desired water⁢ temperature
Convenient⁤ hook-up with ⁤3/8-inch fitting ‍on hoses
Fluid design ⁣lines for easy cleaning and aesthetic appeal
Simple to use single lever handle


Requires⁢ three-hole sink, limiting compatibility
No mention of warranty coverage
Polished‌ chrome finish may show water spots
Side spray may not match perfectly with all kitchen decors

Overall, the KOHLER 15172-F-CP Coralais(R) Faucet offers convenient features for easy installation and temperature control, but it may have some limitations regarding compatibility and aesthetics.


Q&A Section: Coralais Faucet Review

Q: How durable is the Coralais Faucet?

A: The⁤ Coralais‌ Faucet is engineered by‌ KOHLER, renowned for ⁢its⁣ quality and durability. Crafted with premium materials‍ and designed to withstand daily use,⁣ it’s built to ​last for‍ years without compromising performance.

Q:⁣ Can the side spray ⁣be used simultaneously with the main faucet?

A: Absolutely! The matching⁢ finish side spray is designed for your convenience, allowing you‌ to ​tackle‌ tasks ⁤with ease.​ You can use it simultaneously with‌ the main faucet, ‌providing⁤ flexibility and efficiency in your kitchen routines.

Q: Is the installation process complicated?

A:⁣ Not at‌ all! With flexible stainless steel braided⁢ supply hoses and‌ a straightforward‍ design, installing the Coralais Faucet is‌ a breeze. You’ll appreciate‍ the hassle-free installation process, getting your new faucet up and running ‌in no time.

Q:⁣ Does the⁣ faucet have any⁤ safety features?

A: Yes, indeed. The Coralais Faucet is equipped‍ with a high-temperature limit stop, ​enabling‍ you to preset a comfortable⁢ maximum‍ temperature to prevent scalding. Additionally, its temperature memory function retains⁤ your desired water temperature, ⁤adding an extra layer of safety‌ and ​convenience to your kitchen experience.

Q: How easy is it to clean ‍the Coralais Faucet?

A: ⁢Maintaining the Coralais ‍Faucet is effortless, thanks to its fluid design lines that not only enhance its aesthetic⁤ appeal but also make cleaning a breeze. ⁤With just a simple‍ wipe, ‍you can keep your faucet looking pristine, ensuring it stays as beautiful⁣ as the day⁣ you⁤ installed it.

Q: Can I adjust the water‌ temperature easily with⁣ this ⁣faucet?

A: Absolutely!‍ The single lever handle of the Coralais Faucet⁣ makes ‍adjusting‍ water temperature a simple task. Whether you need hot or cold water, you ‍can achieve your desired temperature with ease, adding convenience to your daily kitchen routines.

Reveal ⁣the Extraordinary

As we conclude our exploration of‌ the KOHLER 15172-F-CP Coralais® Three-Hole Sink Faucet, we find ourselves captivated by its blend of functionality and elegance. ⁢This kitchen essential doesn’t just offer ‍convenience; it brings a touch of sophistication to ‍your culinary space.

With its 8-1/2″ spout, matching finish side ‍spray, and lever handle, ‌this faucet ⁢is designed to streamline your kitchen tasks effortlessly. The flexible stainless steel braided supply hoses ensure a swift and hassle-free installation, while the high-temperature limit stop and⁢ temperature memory features prioritize safety and comfort.

Moreover, the fluid design ⁤lines not⁣ only enhance the faucet’s aesthetic appeal but also make cleaning a breeze. It’s a marriage of form⁤ and function that truly elevates your⁣ kitchen⁤ experience.

So why wait? Upgrade your kitchen with the Coralais® Faucet today and experience the difference it makes in your ⁢daily culinary adventures!

Click here to⁢ get your own Coralais® ⁤Faucet and revolutionize‍ your ‌kitchen!

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