In our⁤ continuous quest‍ to find⁢ the epitome of kitchen efficiency ⁤and style, we recently had the pleasure⁤ of incorporating the Kraus ‍KSF-1610SFS Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down Single Handle 18-Inch Kitchen Faucet into our daily‌ culinary routines. This faucet, with its spot-free stainless steel ⁤finish, not only elevates​ the‍ aesthetic of⁣ our kitchen but introduces a ⁢level of ‌convenience we hadn’t experienced before.

The fusion of commercial​ functionality with residential practicality is evident in the⁢ Bolden faucet’s design. Its high-arc ‍open coil spout and compact height blend seamlessly into our kitchen, making a statement‌ without overwhelming the space. ⁣The touchless operation,‍ a feature ​we found ‌particularly transformative, allows⁣ for a ⁣hands-free activation with a mere wave of ⁤the hand. This technology not⁤ only streamlines our cooking and cleaning process but significantly reduces the transfer of germs— a noteworthy⁤ benefit in the preparation of meals.

What sets the Bolden faucet apart is its ⁤attention to detail and quality. The heavy-duty construction, featuring 100% lead-free⁣ brass water lines and ⁣a metal body, reassures us of its long-lasting performance. The ⁤dual⁤ function sprayer, easily switchable from ​an aerated stream to a powerful spray, has made rinsing dishes and washing away stubborn residues effortless. Moreover, the convenience of​ the pull-down ⁣sprayhead, enhanced by Reach technology, ensures flexibility and reach,‍ making every task at the ⁣sink less of a chore.

Installation was surprisingly straightforward, thanks to the inclusion of pre-attached water lines and mounting hardware, along with the necessary‌ batteries for the touchless sensor. The thoughtful design, optimized for tight ⁤spaces and ease ​of use, complies with ADA⁣ standards, ‌making it an ⁢inclusive choice for any home.

As we’ve come to use and appreciate the ​myriad of features offered by the Kraus KSF-1610SFS Bolden ⁢faucet, it’s clear that ‌this isn’t ⁤just another kitchen fixture. It’s a testament to Kraus’s commitment to ​quality, functionality, and style. Whether it’s the spot-free finish that keeps the faucet ⁣looking pristine or the eco-friendly flow rate that conserves water without compromising‌ performance, every ⁢aspect of this ​faucet has been designed with the user in mind.

In our journey for a kitchen that meets our high standards of efficiency and design, the Kraus Bolden faucet stands out as ​a beacon ⁤of‍ innovation and elegance. Join ⁤us as we delve deeper into our experience with this ‌remarkable addition to our ⁣kitchen, exploring its features, functionality, and⁤ how it has ⁢transformed our daily routines.

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We ‌are excited to introduce the latest innovation in ‍kitchen faucet technology – the Kraus KSF-1610SFS Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down Single Handle 18-Inch Kitchen Faucet. This faucet combines the best-selling design ⁢of the KRAUS‍ Bolden commercial style pull-down faucet ⁢with touchless operation, providing convenience and efficiency like never ⁤before. Crafted with universal appeal​ and professional​ functionality tailored for residential use, the Bolden faucet boasts a captivating industrial look with its high-arc open coil spout.

One of the standout ⁤features of this faucet is its hands-free activation capability, allowing ⁢you ⁣to⁤ turn water on ‌and off with just a simple wave of your hand. This not ​only ⁢adds a touch of modernity to ‍your kitchen ⁤but also enhances hygiene by reducing germ transfer during‍ messy tasks. The sensor placement ​on the side of the faucet helps prevent accidental activation, ensuring seamless operation.‍ With a built-in timer that stops the flow of water after 3 minutes,‍ this faucet is designed to help prevent water​ waste, making it both⁤ eco-friendly and efficient. The pull-down sprayhead with Reach technology offers easy maneuverability and an extended range of motion, allowing ‍you to tackle kitchen ⁢chores with ease. Whether you’re rinsing dishes or washing away stubborn residue, the ​dual function sprayer switches​ effortlessly ​between an aerated ⁢stream and a​ powerful⁤ spray. With heavy-duty construction ‍and premium​ components, the Kraus Bolden Touchless Sensor Faucet is built to last, ‍adding long-lasting value to any home.

Key Features and‌ Highlights

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When ⁤it​ comes to revolutionizing your‌ kitchen experience, our product truly ‍stands out with its innovative touchless operation. No ⁣more worrying about transferring germs during messy tasks; simply wave⁣ your⁤ hand ⁣to activate the faucet,⁤ thanks to its hands-free activation feature. The sensor placement is strategically designed‍ to⁤ prevent accidental activation ​while you’re ‌busy in ⁤the⁣ kitchen.

Moreover, our faucet is ⁤engineered with a ‍ pull-down ‍sprayhead featuring Reach technology, providing⁢ unparalleled maneuverability. Switch effortlessly between an aerated stream⁤ and a powerful spray to tackle any ​kitchen cleaning⁤ task. Plus, with its premium ceramic cartridge ‌ tested⁢ over 500,000 cycles, you can count on long-lasting, ⁤leak-free performance. Say goodbye ​to mineral build-up with our easy-clean‍ nozzles, ensuring powerful performance​ every time.

Ready to elevate your kitchen experience? Check out our ‌product now!

In-depth ⁤Analysis and Insights

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When it comes to kitchen faucets, the‍ Kraus KSF-1610SFS Bolden ⁣Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down ​Single Handle 18-Inch Kitchen Faucet stands out for its innovative design and practical functionality. Incorporating touchless operation, this faucet adds a modern touch to any⁢ kitchen while offering convenience and hygiene benefits. The hands-free ⁣activation feature, enabled by a sensor on the side of the faucet, ⁣allows users to control water flow with a simple wave of the hand, reducing the need to ⁢touch the handle or spout during tasks,⁢ which​ is particularly useful for maintaining cleanliness while handling raw foods. Moreover, the​ built-in timer ensures water conservation by automatically stopping ⁢the flow after 3 minutes.

The Bolden faucet doesn’t compromise on‌ performance either.⁤ Its​ pull-down sprayhead ⁢with Reach​ technology provides​ easy maneuverability, enabling⁣ users to reach all​ corners‍ of the sink effortlessly. With ‌a dual ‍function sprayer offering ‍both aerated stream and powerful spray options, it caters to various cleaning needs. Crafted from heavy-duty materials including lead-free brass water lines and a metal body, this ​faucet ensures durability and reliability for long-lasting use. Furthermore, ⁤its ⁢compact height makes it suitable for residential use, fitting into spaces where​ traditional commercial-style faucets may not. Available ⁤in spot-free ⁢stainless steel finish,⁢ it not only‌ resists ‍water spots ‌and fingerprints ⁣but also adds an elegant touch to the ⁣kitchen décor.‍ With its blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetics, the Kraus⁣ Bolden Touchless Faucet⁣ is a worthy addition to any modern ‍kitchen.


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After ⁢thoroughly testing the Kraus KSF-1610SFS Bolden⁣ Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down Single Handle 18-Inch Kitchen Faucet, we are impressed​ with its performance and features. The incorporation of touchless operation adds​ a layer​ of convenience⁣ and hygiene to our ⁣kitchen routines. The hands-free activation not only‌ simplifies tasks but also helps in reducing the spread‍ of germs, particularly during ‍messy food ⁢preparations. We found the placement of ⁣the sensor on ‍the ‌side of ⁤the⁣ faucet thoughtful, preventing ‌accidental activation while performing various kitchen chores.

Pros Cons
Touchless operation for convenience and hygiene May ​require battery replacement for touchless ​feature
Compact‍ design suitable for ⁤residential use
Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance
Dual function sprayhead for versatile usage

The⁤ faucet’s ⁣heavy-duty construction and premium components ensure ⁤durability, adding value to any home. The optimized height and smart handle ‍design further enhance its usability, making it suitable for various kitchen ⁣layouts. Additionally, the easy-clean nozzles and spot-free stainless steel finish simplify maintenance, keeping the faucet ‌looking ⁢pristine for years⁢ to come. Overall,‍ we highly recommend the Kraus Bolden Touchless Sensor Faucet for homeowners seeking‌ both functionality and style in ‍their kitchen fixtures. To ⁢experience the convenience of touchless ‍operation firsthand, purchase it⁣ now.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Let’s dive into‌ what customers have ⁤to say about the Kraus⁢ KSF-1610SFS Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down Single Handle‌ Kitchen Faucet.

Review Key Points Overall⁢ Rating

“Because of the price, I‌ was worried that the quality would’t ⁢be there…”

Thoughtful design, solid build‌ quality, easy installation, ​plastic spray ‌head


“This faucet was⁤ exactly⁣ what I was looking for…”

High-quality construction,​ easy installation, versatile spray head, minor issues ‌with spray head toggling


“Was easy to install, the hose works really well and stretches pretty far…”

Easy to handle, attractive design, included water filter ⁢faucet


“I purchased the‍ faucet/water filter faucet combo two years ago…”

Sturdy ‌construction, easy to clean finish, issues with plastic⁣ faucet⁢ head durability, ⁤warranty concerns


“Love the design of this faucet…”

Great design, spray out handle, bought ⁢for laundry room sink as well


“Excellent ⁢product and neat to‌ look at…”

Spot-free finish, highly ‌recommended


“Very pleased with ⁢faucet…”

Premium ‌feel, good build quality, great ⁤performance


“Have been using ⁣this for over a month now…”

Good‌ build quality, convenient‌ filtered water,‍ durable⁢ over ‌time


“Needed a replacement for the over expensive one that came with house…”

Quality piece, easy to clean, good water pressure, some installation challenges


“Acheter pour qu’il match ‌avec mes poignées d’armoirs et je suis tombé pile dessus !…”

Matches well⁢ with existing kitchen decor, easy‍ installation, perfect water⁢ flow and pressure


Overall, ​the‌ reviews highlight the Kraus KSF-1610SFS Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial ⁤Pull-Down​ Single Handle ​Kitchen Faucet as a high-quality, stylish, and functional addition to any kitchen. While some minor issues like the plastic spray head and warranty⁤ concerns⁣ are noted, ‌the majority of customers are satisfied with the performance, ease ⁣of installation, and⁢ durability of ⁤this faucet.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Pros Details
Touchless Operation The hands-free activation feature ⁣allows for convenient operation, minimizing⁤ the spread of germs during ​kitchen tasks.
Compact Height Optimized for residential use, ⁢fitting into⁣ spaces where other commercial-style faucets may not.
Dual⁤ Function⁢ Sprayhead Easily switch between aerated stream for regular cleaning and powerful spray for tough rinsing tasks.
Heavy-Duty Construction Constructed with 100% lead-free brass water lines and a metal body, ensuring durability and reliability.
Easy to Clean Soft rubber aerator ⁣and sprayer holes allow for effortless removal of mineral​ build-up, ‍maintaining optimal performance.
Spot-Free Finish The⁢ proprietary spot-free stainless‌ steel finish resists water‍ spots ​and fingerprints, keeping the faucet looking cleaner for longer.


Cons Details
Requires Batteries As a touchless faucet, it requires⁢ 4x AA batteries for operation, which‍ need occasional​ replacement.
Potential Sensor Activation The sensor placement on​ the side⁤ of⁣ the ‍faucet may⁤ lead to accidental activation during ⁤tasks like dishwashing.
Price Compared to standard faucets, the touchless feature and premium ⁢construction may result⁤ in a higher ‍price point.

Overall, the Kraus KSF-1610SFS Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial⁤ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet offers ⁤convenience, durability, and cleanliness, though it comes with a few considerations such as ‌battery‍ usage and potential accidental sensor activation.


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Q&A Section:

Q: How does the‍ touchless sensor work on ⁢the Kraus KSF-1610SFS⁢ Bolden Faucet?

A: The ⁣touchless sensor on the Kraus KSF-1610SFS Bolden⁣ Faucet operates with ⁤hands-free activation, allowing you to turn the water on and off with ‌just a wave of your hand. The sensor is strategically ⁤placed on the side of the faucet to prevent accidental activation during ⁢daily ‌kitchen ⁢tasks.

Q: Is the ⁤touchless⁢ feature⁢ convenient for everyday use?

A: Absolutely! The touchless feature ​adds a layer of convenience to your kitchen​ routine. ⁢It’s particularly handy when your hands are messy from food‍ preparation and you don’t want to spread germs to⁤ the faucet handle.

Q: How long does ‌the ⁤water flow when activated‌ by the touchless‍ sensor?

A: The built-in timer automatically stops the flow of water after ‍3 minutes to help prevent water waste, providing a practical balance ‍between convenience and conservation.

Q: Is installation difficult for the Kraus Bolden Touchless Faucet?

A: Not at all! Installation is ⁤straightforward, thanks ⁤to the included pre-attached water lines ‌and mounting hardware. ⁤Plus,⁢ with its compact height and smart handle design, it’s optimized for residential use and fits in spaces where‍ other commercial-style faucets may not.

Q: Does ⁤the‌ Bolden ⁤Faucet offer versatility in its spray options?

A: ⁣Yes,⁤ indeed! The pull-down sprayhead with Reach⁢ technology⁢ offers dual functions, allowing you to switch between an aerated stream for everyday cleaning and a powerful spray for heavy-duty rinsing. It’s perfect for ‍tackling various kitchen tasks with ease.

Q: How durable is the Kraus​ Bolden Touchless Faucet?

A: The Bolden Faucet⁤ is ⁤built to last. Constructed with 100% lead-free brass water lines and ⁤a metal​ body,⁢ it ensures‍ reliable, long-lasting performance that adds value to ⁣any home. Additionally, the premium ceramic‍ cartridge undergoes ⁢rigorous testing to guarantee⁣ leak-free use ⁤for years to ​come.

Embody Excellence

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As we bid adieu⁣ to our exploration of the Kraus‍ KSF-1610SFS Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial ⁢Pull-Down Single ⁤Handle 18-Inch Kitchen Faucet, Spot Free Stainless‍ Steel, we’re left with a profound appreciation‌ for its innovative⁢ design and practical functionality.

This​ touchless marvel ⁣not ⁤only adds a touch of modern elegance⁢ to any‌ kitchen but also enhances efficiency and hygiene with its⁤ hands-free operation. Its ⁤industrial-chic aesthetics, coupled ⁣with​ the convenience of a​ pull-down sprayhead and smart sensor technology, make it a standout choice ‌for any discerning homeowner.

With its ‌durable construction, easy installation, and‍ thoughtful features⁢ like a ‍built-in timer to prevent water waste, the Bolden faucet truly elevates the kitchen experience.

Ready⁢ to revolutionize your kitchen routine? Click here to bring home the Kraus Bolden Touchless Faucet now!

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