Welcome to⁣ our review of the Krowne‍ 17-109WL Royal ⁤Series⁤ 8″ Center Wall Mount Pre-Rinse with ⁣Add-on⁣ Faucet. As avid enthusiasts of kitchen equipment, we‍ were thrilled ‍to⁣ get our​ hands on ⁢this sleek and efficient addition to any culinary workspace.

Crafted with precision and functionality in mind,⁤ the‌ Krowne 17-109WL⁣ brings a perfect blend of style and ⁤practicality to your kitchen. From its elegant silver ⁣finish to its ‌flexible gooseneck design, every detail⁤ of this​ pre-rinse faucet is thoughtfully engineered to ‌enhance⁣ your ​kitchen⁢ experience.

One‍ of the ​standout features of the Krowne 17-109WL is its spring ​action flexible gooseneck,​ which‌ provides unparalleled ‍maneuverability and reach, allowing you to effortlessly tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks. Additionally, the included add-on faucet with a ‌12-inch spout adds ‌versatility to your workspace, making it ideal for various culinary needs.

Furthermore, we appreciate Krowne’s commitment to safety and⁢ compliance, as evidenced by this product’s​ low-lead compliance and ⁢1/2″ NPT female inlets ⁢on 8″ centers, ensuring ⁣peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Installation⁤ is​ a breeze with the Krowne 17-109WL, thanks to its factory pre-assembly, which significantly cuts down on installation time and effort. Standing at 38″ ‌high with a 15″ overhang, this pre-rinse faucet is designed⁣ to seamlessly integrate into any kitchen‌ setup, whether it’s a bustling commercial kitchen or a cozy home culinary haven.

In our experience, the⁢ Krowne 17-109WL ⁣Royal Series 8″ Center Wall Mount Pre-Rinse with Add-on Faucet is a reliable and​ efficient addition to ⁢any kitchen space. ⁤Its blend ⁣of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal ⁣makes it a ​must-have for anyone looking to elevate their kitchen ⁢experience. Stay tuned as we delve⁢ deeper into⁣ our​ hands-on experience with this​ remarkable product.

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Our experience with the Krowne 17-109WL⁤ Royal Series 8 Center Wall ⁢Mount Pre-Rinse​ with Add-on Faucet has been nothing ⁣short of impressive. Designed with functionality and efficiency in mind, this pre-rinse ⁣unit ‍boasts ⁣a‌ spring action ​flexible gooseneck ⁢that allows for easy maneuverability and precise cleaning. The included ⁣add-on ⁢faucet with ⁣a ‍12-inch spout provides added convenience, making it perfect for a variety of kitchen tasks.

What sets this pre-rinse unit apart is its low-lead compliance, ensuring the⁤ safety of your water supply.⁤ With 1/2″ NPT female inlets on 8″ ‍centers, installation is a breeze. Standing at 38″ high with a 15″ overhang, this unit is both ergonomic and space-saving. Plus, its factory pre-assembly cuts down⁤ on installation time, getting you up and running in no time. Whether you’re outfitting a commercial kitchen or upgrading your home setup, the Krowne Royal Series 8 Center Wall ‌Mount Pre-Rinse with Add-on Faucet ⁢is⁣ a reliable choice. Ready​ to elevate your kitchen? Check it out here.

Product Features and Highlights

When it comes to ‍efficiency and convenience in the kitchen, this pre-rinse faucet⁤ reigns supreme. Crafted as part of the Krowne Royal Series, it’s ‌designed with the needs of busy kitchens in mind. ⁤The⁢ standout feature of ‌this faucet is its spring action flexible gooseneck, which provides ‌unparalleled⁣ flexibility and control during use. With a 12-inch​ spout and an additional add-on faucet, versatility ​is at the forefront of its design.

  • Spring action flexible gooseneck for enhanced maneuverability
  • Includes add-on ‍faucet with a 12-inch spout
  • Low-lead compliant,⁣ ensuring safety and sustainability
  • Factory pre-assembled to ⁤streamline installation process

Specification Details
Inlets 1/2″ NPT female inlets on 8″ centers
Height 38″ high with 15″ overhang

With its user-friendly features and durable construction, this pre-rinse faucet is a reliable companion in ⁣any ⁣commercial kitchen‍ setting. Whether you’re washing dishes or prepping ingredients, its ergonomic design ensures ease of use and‍ long-term‍ performance. Upgrade your kitchen ⁣workflow today with this essential piece of equipment.

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In-depth Analysis and Insights

Upon diving into an in-depth analysis of this wall-mounted pre-rinse unit, we discovered a myriad of​ features that set it apart in the realm of commercial kitchen fixtures. One notable feature is the spring action flexible gooseneck, ⁢which offers unparalleled versatility in maneuvering⁤ around⁤ various sink configurations. This​ allows for effortless rinsing of dishes, pots, and pans, ensuring optimal cleanliness and ⁣efficiency in busy kitchen environments. Additionally,‍ the inclusion of an add-on faucet with a generous 12-inch spout further enhances functionality,⁤ providing convenience‌ for multiple tasks simultaneously.

Moreover, the compliance with low-lead standards underscores​ the commitment ⁢to safety and environmental responsibility. With 1/2″ NPT female inlets on 8″ centers, installation ⁣is streamlined and straightforward, making it an ideal choice for both new construction projects and retrofitting existing setups. Standing at 38″ high with a 15″ overhang, this pre-rinse unit strikes a balance between ergonomic design and practicality. ​Factory pre-assembly further reduces installation time, ensuring ‌minimal disruption to kitchen operations. In ⁣summary, the ⁤Krowne 17-109WL Royal Series 8 Center Wall Mount Pre-Rinse with Add-on Faucet epitomizes efficiency,⁣ durability, ​and compliance, making it a standout choice for commercial kitchen applications.


After thoroughly testing the Krowne Royal Series 8 Center Wall Mount ⁣Pre-Rinse ⁢with Add-On Faucet, we’re⁢ impressed‌ with its functionality and durability. The spring action flexible gooseneck offers excellent maneuverability, making it ⁤effortless ​to ⁣reach every corner of the sink for efficient pre-rinsing. The included add-on faucet with a 12-inch⁢ spout ⁣adds versatility to the ‍unit, allowing for various washing tasks beyond ‍pre-rinsing.

Feature Details
Low-Lead Compliance Ensures safety and meets regulatory standards.
Easy Installation Factory pre-assembled, reducing installation time and effort.
Height and⁤ Reach At 38 inches high with a 15-inch overhang, it ‍provides ample space ​for various sink sizes.

This ‍pre-rinse unit is ideal for commercial kitchens seeking efficiency and reliability. Whether you’re in a bustling restaurant ‍or a busy cafeteria, the Krowne Royal Series ⁣8 delivers consistent performance, helping streamline your dishwashing process. With its sturdy construction and user-friendly design, we highly recommend this product to anyone in need of a top-notch pre-rinse solution.

Check it out on Amazon for‍ more details and to make a purchase.

Customer Reviews Analysis


Customer Reviews Analysis

Overall Impression

We’ve gathered insights from various⁤ customers who’ve experienced the ⁢Krowne Royal Series ‌8 Faucet. Let’s ⁢delve into‍ the collective feedback to paint‌ a comprehensive picture.

Positive ​Experiences

Our customers have expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the ‌Krowne Royal Series 8 Faucet, highlighting its exceptional quality, ease of installation, and robust performance. One⁣ customer even praised its‌ capability to aid in cleaning large kegs, emphasizing its versatility. Furthermore, its​ aesthetic appeal and thoughtful design, such as the ⁢color variation in the nozzle⁣ head, have garnered appreciation.

Pros Cons
High-quality construction Some installation challenges reported
Easy to clean mineral deposits Minor⁣ drip⁤ issues noted
Excellent customer service Some users found sprayer power inadequate
Sturdy and functional design Water pressure concerns​ raised by a few customers
Attractive packaging

Negative Feedback

While the majority ⁢of reviews ‌are positive, ⁣a few users encountered ​challenges during installation, ​primarily related to leakage issues. Additionally, a ‌minority expressed disappointment with the sprayer’s⁢ power and water pressure ‌capacity.


Despite⁣ some minor setbacks, the Krowne Royal Series 8 Faucet has proven to be a reliable and high-performing addition to various kitchen setups. Its durable construction, user-friendly features, and responsive customer service ​contribute to its ‍overall appeal. However, ‌potential ​buyers should be mindful of ‍installation nuances⁣ and assess their specific requirements regarding water pressure and sprayer power.


Pros ⁣& Cons

Pros ⁤& Cons: Krowne Royal Series 8″ Faucet Review


1. ⁣Versatile Design
2. Time-Saving ⁤Installation
3. Flexible Gooseneck
4. Includes Add-On Faucet
5. Low Lead Compliant
6. Convenient Height and ​Reach

Transform⁣ your​ kitchen experience with the Krowne Royal Series 8″ Faucet.⁣ Here’s what we love about it:

  1. Versatile Design: The center wall mount and add-on faucet ⁢provide ⁢flexibility in kitchen layout.
  2. Time-Saving Installation: Factory pre-assembled for quick and easy setup, reducing installation time.
  3. Flexible Gooseneck: The spring action flexible gooseneck⁤ enhances maneuverability⁢ and convenience.
  4. Includes ‌Add-On Faucet: Comes with a 12-inch ⁢spout add-on faucet, offering additional functionality.
  5. Low Lead Compliant: Ensures safety and environmental⁣ responsibility‌ with low-lead compliance.
  6. Convenient⁣ Height and Reach: With a​ height of 38 inches and⁤ a 15-inch overhang, it provides comfortable usage.


1. Requires ⁤Wall Mounting
2. May Not Fit Small Spaces
3. Limited Color Options

While the Krowne Royal Series⁣ 8″ Faucet offers numerous benefits, there are a⁣ few considerations ⁤to keep in mind:

  1. Requires Wall ⁤Mounting: Installation involves wall mounting, which may require additional effort.
  2. May Not Fit Small Spaces: Its size may be cumbersome for ⁤compact​ kitchens or limited ⁤counter space.
  3. Limited Color Options: The faucet is available only in silver, limiting customization ‍options ​for kitchen aesthetics.

Overall, the Krowne Royal Series 8″ Faucet provides excellent functionality and convenience, making it a ⁤valuable addition to‍ any kitchen.


**Q&A Section:**

Q: What makes⁤ the Krowne Royal Series 8″ ⁤Faucet stand out from other pre-rinse faucets?

A: Our Krowne Royal Series 8″ Faucet stands out ​for its impeccable design and functionality.‍ With a spring action flexible gooseneck and​ an ‌additional 12-inch spout, it offers‌ versatility and ease of use ​that’s⁣ hard to match. Plus, it’s low-lead compliant, ensuring safety and peace of mind for you and⁤ your family.

Q: Is​ installation ⁢complicated?

A: Not at all! One of the fantastic features‌ of the Krowne Royal Series 8″ Faucet⁢ is its factory pre-assembly, which significantly cuts⁢ down installation time. With 1/2″ NPT female inlets on 8″ centers and a wall bracket included, setting it up is a breeze. You’ll have your new faucet up and running in no time!

Q:⁣ How durable is ​this faucet?

A: Durability is one of our top priorities, and the Krowne Royal Series 8″ Faucet doesn’t ‍disappoint. Constructed with high-quality materials and built to⁣ withstand the rigors of daily kitchen use, you can ​trust that this faucet will serve you well for years ⁣to come.

Q: Can you tell me more about the height and reach of the faucet?

A:⁣ Of course! The Krowne Royal Series 8″ Faucet‍ stands at 38″ ​high ⁣with a⁣ 15″ overhang, ‌providing⁤ ample space⁢ and reach ‌for all your kitchen tasks. Whether you’re rinsing dishes ​or filling pots, you’ll appreciate the ergonomic design and functionality of this faucet.

Q: Is this faucet‍ environmentally friendly?

A: Absolutely! Not only is the Krowne Royal Series 8″ Faucet low-lead compliant, but ⁤it’s ‌also designed with sustainability in mind. By reducing water waste and promoting ⁢efficient use, you can feel good about choosing a faucet that’s both eco-friendly and high-performing.

Q: Does the⁣ add-on faucet have any special features?

A: The add-on faucet included with the Krowne Royal Series 8″ ​Faucet features a 12-inch⁢ spout, providing additional convenience and functionality​ to your⁣ kitchen setup. Whether you need ⁣extra space for filling pots or washing produce, this add-on faucet has you covered.

Q: Can this faucet‌ be used in a commercial kitchen setting?

A: Absolutely! The Krowne Royal ‌Series⁤ 8″ Faucet is ideal ‌for both residential and commercial kitchen settings. With its durable construction, versatile design, and high-performance⁢ features, it’s⁣ a⁤ reliable choice for‍ any kitchen environment.⁤

Unleash⁤ Your True Potential

In conclusion, the Krowne Royal Series 8″ Center Wall Mount Pre-Rinse with Add-on Faucet is a ​fantastic choice for anyone‌ looking to upgrade their kitchen.​ Its sleek design, ‌durable construction, and convenient features ⁢make it a standout product‍ in its category. Whether you’re a home chef or a professional, this faucet will ⁢surely meet your needs.

If you’re ready to transform your kitchen, don’t‍ hesitate to click here and get your hands on the ⁢Krowne ‍Royal Series 8″ Faucet today. Experience the difference it can make in your culinary space!

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